END WAR NOW! Says Message Decoded in Shroud of Turin, According to TheMessage2000.com

April 21, 2011

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — New documents are being made public on the Internet this week revealing that in 2000 through 2010 an eight-chapter “Message” was discovered to exist in tandem with the ancient Catholic, highly controversial SHROUD OF TURIN (Shroud, meaning: burial cloth – Turin: the city in Italy). THE MESSAGE 2000 AD, as it is called, was discovered, successfully “decoded” and summarized by a virtually unknown artist named E. Laurence Bake. The inspiring document commands the worldwide end to economic slavery, torture and war NOW!

The non-profit organization website at http://www.TheMessage2000.com is unveiling what some firsthand viewers agreed was “one of the most important messages to be heard by Mankind in thousands of years.” It consists of two parts: 1) a new, never-before-seen portrait of the man in the Shroud entitled “Man in the Cloth.” And 2) the newly discovered, eight-chapter “Message” it bears.

Happiness, health, life and death, family problems, economic conditions, world hunger, torture, war – these subjects and more are addressed in depth in the decoded “Message.” The new online home of The Message demonstrates how the Shroud of Turin may never have been just the image of a crucified man alone, but MAN plus MESSAGE to Mankind.

Tony Long, a respected leader of a Worldwide Network of Churches for the last 36 years, was among the first group of spiritual leaders to experience The Message 2000 AD firsthand. He concluded, “Billions of people need to experience this profound message. Times are tough right now and people need to know there is hope. It should be embraced and distributed to every spiritual and non-spiritual individual in the world and with the highest quality presentation possible.”

“The Message 2000 is a User’s Guide to Love and a whole new planet Earth,” one teenage viewer remarked.

The public can go to http://www.themessage2000.com – it is now officially open. For a limited time it is free to view both the stunning image of “Man in the Cloth” and “The Message” in its entirety. Donations and volunteers to help spread the good news to others around the world are warmly welcomed on the site, of course.

“It is a discovery of monumental (scientific and spiritual) proportions,” said another first-time viewer, Mr. John Herung. It is LOVE personified – a joyous experience that every spiritual person can identify with and share with others around the world right now.


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Val LaFrance
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