April 24, 2011

Amazon Cloud Still Causing Woes

Amazon was still struggling on Friday trying to restore service to websites that use its cloud datacenters.

According to updates on the services' online status dashboard, Amazon EC2 was slowly being restored after the onset of disruptive problems.

"When a service that is heavily redundant, like this one is, goes out of band this long, they have a serious problem and they don't have their arms around it," analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley told AFP.

Websites using Amazon's cloud datacenters were sluggish or completely knocked offline on Thursday and the company has yet to announce the cause.

"These things are supposed to be incredibly bulletproof so it would take something serious to cause a problem like this," Enderle said of datacenters designed to host websites or software in the Internet "cloud."

"If it was something simple, by now they would have told us what it was."

Websites using Amazon EC2 are built with redundant systems so loads can be shifted in the event of trouble such as a computer server failing.

According to Enderle, a problem disrupting the entire service could range from a flawed update pushed system-wide, to sabotage by computer hackers.

Global technology companies are investing billions of dollars into cloud computing.

"This won't derail the shift to the cloud," Enderle told AFP while speaking about the Amazon EC2 troubles. "It will just remind people the cloud isn't bulletproof and you need redundancy, either into another cloud service or your own proprietary systems."


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