April 25, 2011

Barnes & Noble Bringing Apps To Nook Color

Barnes & Noble Inc. announced on Monday that it has added an applications store and an email program to its Nook Color e-reader, bringing the $249 device closer to working like a tablet computer in the vein of the iPad.

The Nook Color has a color touchscreen, as apposed to the Kindle, which features a gray-scale screen that is not touch sensitive.

The Nook Color runs Google Inc.'s Android software, but it does not run standard Android applications.  Barnes & Noble is asking developers to submit specially written applications to its Nook Apps store.

Among the 125 applications available on Monday include the game "Angry Birds" and cooking recipe vault "Epicurious."

"Being able to promote the Angry Birds franchise across multiple channels "“ on NOOK Color, on and in hundreds of Barnes & Noble retail locations "“ is unique and extremely appealing," Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle, of Rovio., said in a statement.

Barnes & Noble is also adding the ability to play Flash content on the Nook Color's Web browser.

Jonathan Shar, head of Barnes & Noble's "digital newsstand," said in a statement that the Nook is not intended to go compete directly with full-fledged tablets like the iPad.

"The target for this is still people who love reading," Shar said.

The bookstore chain launched the Nook Color in November as a successor to its first Nook.

The new features are available as a free software update for current Nook owners.


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