April 27, 2011

Mobile Consumers Shift Preferences To Android Devices

Nearly one-third (31 percent) of consumers planning on getting a new smartphone want a device with the Google Android operating system, while 30 percent want an Apple iPhone and 11 percent want a RIM Blackberry, according to the Nielsen Company's monthly surveys of U.S. mobile consumers from January 2011 "“ March 2011.

Some 20 percent of survey respondents were unsure of what device they wanted.

The results represent a shift from Nielsen's survey from July to September of last year, which found that 33 percent of consumers wanted an Apple iPhone, while 26 percent wanted an Android device and 13 percent wanted a RIM Blackberry. Nearly 18% were unsure.

The shift in consumer sentiment is already translating into sales, with half of those surveyed in March 2011 who purchased a smartphone in the last six months having purchased an Android phone, compared with 25% who bought an Apple iPhone.  Some 15 percent said they had purchased a Blackberry phone.

In terms of current market share, Android now holds 37%, while Apple's iOS has 27% and RIM BlackBerry's OS has 22% as of March 2011, Nielsen said.


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