April 28, 2011

Samsung Launches New Galaxy S

The world's #2 handset maker has launched its newest version of the Galaxy S smartphone in South Korea, ahead of its global release in May.

South Korea has been one of the most lucrative smartphone markets for the company, selling about 2 million Galaxy S devices last year. That is one-fifth of the global market total.

Samsung has plans to sell more than 10 million units of the new smartphone globally this year through 140 operators and in 120 countries, reports Reuters.

"We expect the sales to be as good as Galaxy S," Shin Jong-Kyun, president of the mobile business unit told reporters.

The Galaxy S II, which is based on Google's Android operating system, is slimmer and has a larger display than the previous Samsung version, which sold about 14 million units since its launch last June.

The newest version is expected to cost less than the original phone.

A new version of the Galaxy Tab tablet computer will also be revealed in July, says Shin. The company predicts that sales for its new tablet will be five times more than last year.

In addition to the updated features, Samsung has slashed the price of the S2 in South Korea to compete with its rivals.

Currently, Samsung is in a legal battle with its biggest rival Apple, who has accused the company of copying Apple's iPad and iPhone designs and technologies.

AFP reports that Shin has vowed to "respond resolutely" to Apple's charges and he says that the company would "deal with the matter more actively."

A few days after Apple filed its lawsuit against the South Korean firm, Samsung filed its own counter lawsuit, accusing Apple of 10 patent infringements, in South Korea, Japan and Germany.

In addition to being a rival, Apple is also the Samsung's second-largest client in 2010 after Japan's Sony Corp., capturing four percent of the company's 155 trillion won ($142 billion) annual revenue, reports AFP.

"Apple not only is our competitor in mobile phone sales but also our client in device component sales," Shin says.

"We will respond resolutely not only to safeguard our pride and status... but also to protect our customers and business partners."

Galaxy S II will be sold in South Korea through operators SK Telecom, KT Corp and LG Uplus starting Thursday.

SK Telecom and KT Corp., two of the leading wireless operators in South Korea, said that they will start selling Apple's iPad2 on Friday.


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