Augmented Reality Programming Giants Partner to Blaze New Trails in Augmented Reality Software

May 4, 2011

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., May 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Technology is pushing the envelope, offering more options than ever before to tap into an ever increasing consumer appetite for a rich experience with their favorite brands, shows and information.

One such technology is called Augmented Reality – enhancing your real world experience with digital images, information and location-based services in real time through your mobile device.

A recent major development in the augmented reality realm is the technology sharing partnership formed between Gravity Jack and ARToolworks, Inc.

Gravity Jack’s team pulls together the most innovative developers in the area with a specific focus on augmented reality programming. They write software in over 50 programming languages, are experts in iOS development, android app development and consult on high technology for companies of all sizes.

“The business implications and application development possibilities are mind-blowing. For companies that are bleeding edge enough to envision the possible applications of augmented reality iOS Development and Android App Development, this partnership will allow us to make those visions a reality,” said Luke Richey, President and CEO of Gravity Jack, Inc. (http://gravityjack.com/).

“This partnership positions us as a top choice among producers of custom augmented reality software in the world.” said Richey.

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Vaughan, CEO of ARToolworks, added: “This agreement brings multiple benefits for both companies. Gravity Jack has some great technology that can be integrated into our SDKs to benefit all of our customers while our software will enhance Gravity Jack’s ability to offer cutting edge custom applications to its extensive client base. Furthermore, the partnership strengthens our position in the US and allows us to compete more effectively in the important North American market.”

To discuss possibilities and to get a quote for a custom augmented reality programming web or mobile project, visit: http://gravityjack.com/contact/start.

About Gravity Jack: Gravity Jack, Inc, (http://gravityjack.com/) was founded in 2009 when a dream team in software development came together to tackle the augmented reality space. The company designs and develops robust software solutions for all industries including augmented reality and retail software for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

About ARToolworks, Inc.: Founded in 2001, ARToolworks, Inc. (http://www.artoolworks.com/) is the premier provider of tools for developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. It was the first company to release a commercial AR toolkit, the first to release a web-based AR toolkit and the first to port the toolkit to the iPhone and Android platforms. ARToolworks now has a complete range of SDKs for all platforms, making it easy to create AR applications where virtual images are seamlessly overlaid on the real world.

SOURCE Gravity Jack, Inc.

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