Ariel Way’s G4 Government Solutions to Represent Vir2us, Inc.

May 5, 2011

WASHINGTON, May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ariel Way, Inc., (PK: AWYI) www.arielway.com, today announced that its subsidiary G4 Government Solutions, Inc. (“G4″) signed an agreement with Vir2us, Inc. to represent the company on G4′s GSA IT Schedule 70.

G4 will help Vir2us define the strategy and oversee the execution of Government sales, product marketing, and customer satisfaction. G4 and the GSA Schedule is the right combination to sell Vir2us products to federal agencies as well as to state and local governments. Not only does the Schedule reduce the amount of time that it takes to close Government business, but it also gives the Systems Integrators and Federal Agencies the ability to receive small business credit when working with G4.

Ed Brinskele, President, and CEO of Vir2us said, “We are excited to be working with G4 because they not only offer us a wealth of government contracting expertise, but they have the knowledge and years of experience in selling into this market. G4 is what we need to expand sales of our Genesis product.”

About Vir2us, Inc.

Vir2us is a Petaluma, California based company that is leading the way in next-generation secure computing solutions for today’s Internet-enabled world. Its most recent product, the Genesis server appliance, is a revolutionary computer-restoration and data recovery machine that completely restores a malfunctioning or crashed computer to its day-one, pristine state in less than an hour. It is unrivaled in its ability to restore corrupted hard drives and includes the most recent advances in updates, patches, and drivers. Vir2us’ much awaited Immunity product (due to be released later this year) makes computers immune to cyber threats.

About G4 Government Solutions, Inc.

G4 Government Solutions is a Bethesda, Maryland based small business (“G4″) within the Ariel Way group of companies that works with companies who sell their products and services to the Federal and State and Local Governments. G4′s go-to-market solutions allow manufacturers to grow their public sector sales, through direct sales or through a flexible program with reseller participation. G4 helps companies lower costs and reduce risks by bringing G4′s contracting expertise and technology solutions to enable companies to more effectively manage contracts, sales, marketing and procurement.

About Ariel Way, Inc.

Ariel Way, Inc., a Florida corporation (“Ariel Way” or the “Company”), is a technology and services company for highly secure global communications, multimedia and digital signage solutions and technologies. The Company is focused on developing innovative and secure technologies, acquiring and growing profitable advanced technology companies and global communications service providers and creating strategic alliances with companies in complementary product lines and service industries.

More information about Ariel Way can be found on the web at http://www.arielway.com.

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