May 7, 2011

Jaguar Joining Formula One Racing For Hybrid Supercar

Jaguar and Williams F1 announced on Friday that they will jointly produce a commercial model of their hybrid C-X75 supercar.

"I'm proud today to confirm that we will build, we will launch and we will sell a road-going version of the C-X75," said Adrian Hallmark, global brand director of Jaguar Cars, at a press conference in central London.

Indian-owned automaker Jaguar unveiled the prototype C-X75 supercar at the Paris Car Show last September. 

The car is an exclusive model that uses a mixture of internal combustion power and electric motors.

Jaguar will manufacture about 250 of the commercial C-X75s, which produce less than 99g/km of CO2 emissions. 

The company added that the car would help create over 100 highly skilled jobs in Britain.

The C-X75 will have a starting price of $1.1 million, while production will run from 2013 to 2015.

"It is a great example of British industry and excellence," Hallmark said in a statement, adding that the C-X75 was a "groundbreaking vehicle with CO2 credentials".

"It will remain an exclusive car... with the expertise of Williams F1," he continued, noting that it was an "example of transfer of technology from motorsport" to road-going vehicles.

The car will be equipped with a traditional petrol engine, two electric motors and four-wheel drive.  The C-X75 will also have a top speed of over 200 mph and will reach 60 mph in just less than three seconds.
"Today's announcement is a real achievement for me and Williams F1," said Sir Frank Williams, co-founder of Williams Formula One, at the London press conference.

"We sincerely hope that we can deliver the best technology that we possibly can."

Carl-Peter Forster, chief executive officer of Jaguar-owned Tata Motors, said the Williams partnership would help create an "exciting" future for Jaguar.

"Williams F1 and Jaguar Land Rover's skills are creating a sustainable but very exciting future for car manufacturing in the UK," he added on Friday.

"The C-X75 is absolutely at the forefront of technology, is cutting edge (and) reaching to the future."

He continued: "This project is proof that engineering is alive and kicking in this country, this is a showcase of what can be done in this country if we can combine our strengths."


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