Meerkats Sing in Latest comparethemeerkat Ad

May 11, 2011

LONDON, May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Meerkats show off their vocal talents in the latest comparethemeerkat advert, which aired this week. To the melody of the children’s song, “The wheels on the bus…” a young meerkat choir sings an impassioned protest song, describing how they have been affected by people searching incorrectly online for comparethemarket and cheap car insurance.

The ad, which aired on Sunday 1 May 2011, is the fifth instalment in the latest series of TV and radio commercials which highlight the plight of Meerkovo (www.meerkovo.com), the Russian meerkat village and home of Aleksandr Orlov and his online business. The villagers are suffering because they can no longer compare meerkats online as a result of the UK public searching for car insurance.

The whole meerkat community shown in the adverts can also be found online at www.meerkovo.com. Visitors to the site are able to meet new meerkats, play games and receive exclusive online rewards, explore the village and enter buildings including the local Queasy Mongoose Pub, Meerkovo School, Yakov’s toy shop, and Aleksandr’s mansion. The website is already attracting thousands of daily visitors and follows the success of Aleksandr’s autobiography, A Simples Life, which became a Sunday Times bestseller.

The new advert can be seen on Aleksandr Orlov’s YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/comparethemeerkat

SOURCE comparethemeerkat.com

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