May 13, 2011 Nokia Willing to Become Terminal Manufacture?

Beijing, May 13, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - repoorts that Nokia officially announced that the R & D base of S30 and S40 will be moved to Beijing, China. Shortly thereafter, Nokia announced that they will outsource the Symbian software development to Accenture. Beforethis, Nokia announced cooperation with Microsoft Windows on Phone7, which aroused a ripple and suffered from the doubts of the industry and netizens. The two new moves, no doubt pushed Nokia to the limelight again.

Nokia outsourcing Symbian to Accenture was surprising. This suggested that Nokia might officially give up Symbian. But not much later, Kang Pengfei, vice president of Nokia, said that Nokia will continue to introduce 150 million sets of Symbian mobile phones within the next two years and Nokia will continue to introduce new phones based on Symbian system. points out that Nokia is also looking for alternative operating system for Symbian to help Nokia complete self-help salvation.

Ultimately, Nokia joined hands with Microsoft's Windows Phone whose development is also unpleasant. If it can help the two giants complete the redemption in the mobile phone market? analyzes that one of the reasons why Nokia outsource Symbian is to avoid inter fight between Windows Phone and Symbian. analyzes that Nokia's outsourcing of Symbian means that the most important software development and technology research of Symbian will no longer be done bystaff of Nokia in the future. Microsoft developed the Windows Phone smart phone operating system, Nokia is not dominant in its research and development. Therefore, a series of initiatives by Nokia will weaken their own R & D ability, suggesting willing to become the terminal manufacturer.

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