May 16, 2011

Some PlayBook Tablets Recalled By RIM

A shipment of the much-anticipated PlayBook tablet from Research In Motion (RIM) has been recalled by the manufacturer citing flaws in the operating system that could cause issues with the initial set-up, Reuters is reporting.

The recall affects 935 of the mobile devices being shipped to the office supply retailer Staples Inc. Only a few had reached customers' hands before the problems had been recognized. RIM is now working to replace those devices that were distributed to customers. 

RIM has been struggling for the last few years as many folks move from its once-popular Blackberry line of mobile devices to smartphones from Apple and Google.

The Ontario-based company is hoping the PlayBook tablet becomes a hit but the product has received poor reviews and complaints that it was being hurried out before it was ready.

PlayBook functionality appears to be limited out of the box with the lack of native mail, contacts, and calendar apps. These programs will work when the PlayBook is paired with your BlackBerry but the actual data is not stored on the tablet.

RIM has claimed that these dedicated apps will be added later this year however. Users of web-based mail and contact information is easily viewable with the PlayBook's snappy web browser.

RIM is also having finding difficulty with building up a credible app store but plans on bringing Android apps to the platform this summer.


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