May 17, 2011 Demand for DRAM Sharply Declined in 2011

Beijing, May 17, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - According to, after several years of development and prosperity, DRAM makers face a serious decline in demand this year. Based on current figures, predicted the global average selling price ofDRAM will decline to $ 35.5billion, down 11.8% compared with last year. warned that in the next two years DRAM prices will continue to decline. reports that after a good development in 2010, this year's DRAM market may have some trouble. With the oversupply of products, the price will have a serious decline in this year but it will also lead to the decline in revenue. analyzes that Samsung expects to dominant the market; the production of DRAM module had a rapid growth in the past period. However, more data from shows that shrinking conditions of DRAM demand will continue through 2013 and the price of the product willbe desperate to return to last year's level. The decline of average price of DRAM is a bad news for suppliers. But it will help consumers save money. reports that currently the price of 2GB module dropped by half compared with six months ago, which would lead to higher DRAM configuration to personal computers and provide more memory for the consumer's computer. Manufacturers have been invested to promote the memory development of PC and server, which is a bad news to manufacturers, but not to consumers.

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