Kitenga Announces a Revolutionary Approach to Creating Advanced ‘Big Data’ Insight Engine

May 24, 2011

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Kitenga announces general availability of ZettaVox, industry’s first “Big Data” search & analytics solution with integrated enterprise search, information modeling and visualization capabilities. Kitenga’s application is designed for non-programmer analysts, researchers, and business users, empowering them to create customized, domain-specific information analytics solutions that support massive scale ingestion and processing of information resources, quickly and cost effectively. The harvested data from structured and unstructured sources is searchable, can be used for novel modeling applications, and can be interactively visualized – an entirely new kind of insight engine for today’s Big Data world.

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Using Kitenga’s software platform, large scale structured data (numbers and records) can be combined with unstructured data (text, imagery, biometrics and sensor). Product sentiments can be harvested from Twitter feeds, blogs, news reports, CRM systems, etc. and combined with demographic and regional econometric data to better understand market traction and opportunities. Named entities (people, places, companies, etc.) and relationships (M&A, legal actions, product releases) can be extracted from huge news and PR collections and projected onto time lines and maps to track corporate activities. Internal research reports and knowledge resources can be leveraged to overcome corporate amnesia, making it an ideal solution for Financial, Legal, Media & Publishing, and Biotech/Pharma researchers.

“Kitenga’s solution is a radical improvement over traditional BI dashboard-oriented products” said JP Carmetz, Principal at Oncept Group (http://www.oncept.net), providing Risk Management and Quantitative Modeling services to multinational enterprises. “Most analytics solutions only support basic charting from static, transactional, structured data sources while ignoring the wealth of knowledge buried in mounds of unstructured information.”

IDC estimates that the Digital Universe is expected to grow 44-fold over the next decade, from one zettabyte (10^21) in 2010; and that over 70% of the new content being added is user-generated, unstructured data. Organizations must figure out ways to monetize this valuable resource.

“Most traditional analytics solutions are based on databases” said Anil Uberoi, CEO of Kitenga. “These solutions inherently suffer from scalability limitations, are inflexible, offer an impoverished suite of analytical and visualization tools, and are outrageously cumbersome and expensive to deploy. Kitenga offers a compelling alternative to such products.”

“The ZettaVox platform offers unparalleled flexibility.” Said DJ Das, Managing Director of Third Eye Consulting Services (http://thirdeyecloud.com). “The drag-n-drop configurability is extremely helpful for rapid prototyping and A-B testing without long, iterative coding runs, resulting in significantly shorter time-to-deployment.”

Features Summary

  • Out-of-the-box structured and unstructured information analysis
  • Drag-and-drop to create content processing workflows
  • Hadoop-enabled for Big Data scalability
  • Connectors for distributed and cloud data sources, traditional databases, and column stores
  • Functional widgets that can be configured for individual analysis needs
  • Open-source search indexing of complex, faceted metadata
  • Language analysis for parts-of-speech, lemmatization, stop words, and more
  • Information extraction of people, places, organizations, proteins, cell lines, dates, currencies, M&A activities, sentiments, product releases, legal activities, and more
  • Designer for sophisticated user-facing search experiences
  • Automatic suggestions based on extracted metadata
  • Charts, graphs, maps, and timelines for drilling down on search results
  • Heatmaps, graphs, and visualization tools for understanding data at scale
  • Batch mode for production deployment of authored systems

About Kitenga

Kitenga is dedicated to addressing the information overload challenges faced by organizations, in today’s Big Data world. ZettaVox enables enterprises to monetize their data resources by transforming huge amounts of unstructured and semi/structured data into actionable intelligence. Kitenga’s cloud architecture addresses massively scalable search and analytics tasks while minimizing cost and complexity.

Kitenga’s solution combines proven next-generation technologies like Hadoop/MapReduce for scalability and performance, Lucene/SOLR search, Mahout machine learning, 3D information modeling, and advanced Natural Language Processing, in a fully integrated, configurable software platform that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively– with minimal programming or professional services. Kitenga maximizes ease of use with a drag-and-drop user experience to create a revolutionary alternative to current enterprise search and content analytics solutions on the market. Kitenga customers are able to reduce or eliminate the complexity, risk and cost associated with implementing massively scaled-out content analytics solutions. Kitenga’s solution represents the embodiment of years of hands-on experience in addressing the analytics challenges for commercial enterprises as well as the US national security/intelligence agencies. Kitenga, based in Santa Clara, CA is privately held

Media Contact: Anil Uberoi Kitenga, Inc, 510-507-3399, anil@kitenga.com

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