Regression Analysis Made Easier with New Tools in Minitab 16 Statistical Software

May 30, 2011

Minitab 16′s General Regression tool makes it easy to investigate relationships between a measurable response variable and predictor variables.

State College, Pa. (PRWEB) May 28, 2011

A person who wants to know if her next flight will leave on time could use information such as the airline she flies with, her scheduled departure time, and the average precipitation level for her departure date to predict how long her flight may be delayed.

In statistics, this kind of analysis is called “regression.”

A new tool in Minitab 16 Statistical Software makes it easy to investigate relationships between a measurable response variable (like the length of a flight delay) and predictor variables that are both continuous (measurements such as departure time and average precipitation level) and categorical (such as the airline being used).

Minitab’s General Regression tool can help answer questions that confront professionals in every walk of life. It can determine which variables are related to a response, and by how much. Strong regression models can even be used to calculate expected values and forecast the impact of future changes.

The General Regression tool in Minitab 16 helps users perform regression analysis and understand their results, and lets them:

– Include both continuous and categorical variables

For example, engineers at a car company can use the General Regression tool to determine how various factors affect the distance it takes to stop a car. Factors such as tire width and pressure can be measured on a scale. But what about a categorical factor such as tire brand? In the General Regression dialog box, the engineers simply include their “ËœTire Brand’ data in the model, add it into “Categorical predictors”, and Minitab does the rest!

– Specify interactions

A baker trying to fine-tune a cake recipe looks at data on oven temperature, baking time and sugar level. But he also needs to account for the interaction between time and temperature””how cooking time affects the cake will depend on how hot the oven is. Minitab will automatically calculate the effects of the interaction between variables.

– Specify polynomial terms

Relationships between a response and its predictors often can be represented by a straight line, but sometimes the true relationship is a curve. Minitab’s General Regression tool can model these polynomial relationships, too.

– Transform the response using the Box-Cox transformation

When a user needs to transform a response variable because the residuals do not follow a normal distribution or exhibit nonconstant variance, Minitab’s General Regression tool can help by finding and transforming the data using the most suitable Box-Cox transformation.

Regression isn’t new””but by making it easy to include continuous and categorical variables, specify interaction and polynomial terms and transform response data with the Box-Cox transformation, Minitab 16′s General Regression tool makes the benefits of this powerful statistical technique easier for everyone.

A free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Minitab 16 Statistical Software is available at http://www.minitab.com/products/minitab/free-trial.aspx

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