Widget Revolt Launches Ice Tales for iOS

June 1, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Indie developers Widget Revolt announced their first retro arcade gaming title, Ice Tales. Ice Tales is a classically inspired maze game where old meets new. With modern, full-screen controls, the game is based on the journey of Pendleton Penguin who is trying to rescue his friends from an evil queen. As you try to help Pendleton, you must help him outmaneuver the queen’s complicated mazes by sliding and flying across distant icebergs, angry volcanoes and an evil palace while avoiding enemies. The game is appropriate for all ages. Ice Tales is a great value on the App Store at US $.99 for the iPhone/iPod version and US $1.99 for the iPad version. A lite version is available for free.

“Sometimes you want an alternative to a casual game just for a little variety,” says Brian Chen, product manager and Widget Revolt co-founder. “Unlike some of the other retro concepts that have been released, we wanted to create a title that harkened back to the excitement of the classic arcade games in a way that is appropriate for a modern mobile platform. This game plays in a way that won’t frustrate players. With cartoonish graphics, original 8-bit compositions and responsive controls that suit the platform, we think Ice Tales has redefined retro games for iOS in a unique way.”

With four exciting chapters filed with increasingly more complicated mazes and dozens of achievements, Ice Tales challenges players to clear mazes by collecting starfish, baskets of fish and other goodies. Along the way you must conquer giant crabs, evil seals, hungry squid, angry sea birds, moon walking polar bears and the queen herself to save the day and rescue your friends. With full Game Center integration, all chapters can be replayed to earn bigger bonuses and achievements while increasing your score and challenging your friends. With multiple difficulty settings, the game can adapt to the player, with challenges for both younger players and experienced players alike.


Since 2010, Widget Revolt aim to make computing more fun, simple, elegant and a lot less isolating on the web and on your mobile phone. We are building widgets in the areas of gaming, social media, location based services and interesting combinations of the three.

Web site: http://www.widgetrevolt.com/
Game: http://www.icetalesapp.com
Video: http://youtu.be/K8c_T0mEQso

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