June 3, 2011

Hackers Unafraid Of Becoming Obvious Internet Threat

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com

Several reports indicate that hackers are becoming more confident in showing their presence on the Internet.

Australia's attorney-general said cyber attacks had become so frequent that government and private networks were under "continuous threat."

"Security agencies are finding malicious activity is increasing to a point where systems in both government and the private sector are under continuous threat," he said in a speech to business leaders on cyber crime.

"The cyber threat to Australia is real, evolving and continuing to test our defenses."

A senior executive at Boeing said it is also under a continuous cyber attack.

"We, as are other global enterprises, are under a continuous state of cyber attack and cyber probing," Muilenburg said on Friday.

"We recognize the reality of global business today, is that cyber attacks are part of business and we've been prepared for that so this is not a surprising environment to us," he told a media briefing in Singapore.

Last month, Sony was forced to shut down some of its online services after the details of over 100 million users of its PlayStation network were stolen. 

Sony continued to face Internet security struggles on Thursday as hackers claimed to have compromised over one million passwords, email addresses and other information from SonyPictures.com.

Google has felt the blow of the growing Internet security threat as it said earlier this week that a cyber spying campaign originating in China had targeted Gmail accounts of senior U.S. officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists.