JUDOBABY’s New Publishing Partnerships Bring Host of Innovative Games to E3

June 6, 2011

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — JUDOBABY INC. announced several partnerships that will enable the game publisher to bring a host of new and innovative games from around the world to the E3 trade show booth #2862, South Hall, in Los Angeles June 7-9, 2011.

Included in JUDOBABY’s new “Judo Buddy” affiliates program, is US-based developer Human Nature Studios, which has developed the addictive social and party game, “What’s Your Type?” for the Nintendo DS. The game provides hours of fun, enabling players and their friends to ask and answer questions in order to find out how truly compatible they are with their Best Friend For Life (BFFL) and others.

Premier Chinese developer Radiance is also working with JUDOBABY to bring its top three new PC games to the US market. The titles include Beach Volley Ball On-Line, the family racing game Go-Go Racers and Excalibur, a exciting massively multiplayer online strategy RPG (MMOSRPG) that takes players back to post-Roman Britain in a quest to unify the country under their own banner. Radiance CEO Monte Singman says, “We are happy to bring these great properties to the US by way of our good friends at JUDOBABY.”

Joining the “Judo Buddy” team from the US is Okashi Studios with its compelling PC & Mac-based Japanese style RPG “Shira Oka: Second Chances.” “Shira Oka is a captivating game about a man given a second chance to relive life from his teen years on to see if this time around he can find true love,” said Okashi Studios co-founder Colleen Chew. “The game combines enchanting graphics with an intriguing plot that all RPG and Manga fans can enjoy.”

Finally, from Canada, Playful Entertainment is bringing their popular party game “Jungle Speed” to the Nintendo Wii. Based on the top-selling card game, Jungle Speed enables up to eight players to match wits in this fast-paced game that requires a keen sense of observation and quick reflexes. IGN has already given Jungle Speed an impressive 8.0 rating, describing it as a “fun multiplayer game.”

“JUDOBABY is proud to debut our new partnerships and compelling lineup of titles to the industry at E3 and delivery to consumers later this year,” noted President/CEO Dan Mueller. JUDOBABY will also be showcasing its own internally developed Wii game, Jerry Rice and Nitus’ Dog Football, a great new twist on sport games that provides hours of family-friendly competition.


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