Lancope to Support Customers on World IPv6 Day with Comprehensive, Flow-Based Network and Security Monitoring

June 7, 2011

ATLANTA, June 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Lancope, Inc., a leader in flow-based security, network and application performance monitoring, has announced that its customers will be fully supported on World IPv6 Day, taking place Wednesday, June 8, 2011. World IPv6 Day will give organizations a chance to test their IPv6 Internet connections and obtain more information on the protocol in preparation for the impending cutover from IPv4. Having supported the collection and analysis of IPv6 network traffic since 2008, Lancope’s StealthWatch will help ease customers’ experience on World IPv6 Day by providing the same high-quality network and security monitoring they have become accustomed to over IPv4.

“World IPv6 Day and related efforts help ensure the long-term stability and security of the Internet,” said Adam Powers, CTO of Lancope. “We want to provide our customers with peace of mind by letting them know that their StealthWatch deployment will be just as effective over IPv6 as it is over IPv4, delivering the network visibility, performance and security they need to make a smooth transition to the new protocol.”

Lancope’s StealthWatch System provides comprehensive network visibility across physical and virtual environments by leveraging NetFlow and other flow data from existing routers and switches. Unifying security, network and application performance monitoring in a single platform, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots, cuts network and security management costs and reduces the time from problem onset to resolution.

By showing IT administrators exactly what is going on inside their network at any given time, StealthWatch can provide critical visibility around how network devices and applications are behaving before, during and after the transition to IPv6. This increased level of insight helps to alleviate uncertainties and quickly mitigate any anomalies that arise during the transition before they become an issue.

“StealthWatch was one of the first high-quality IPv6 solutions for monitoring and visualizing network traffic,” said Jerry Horgan, chief infrastructure officer of the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group of Waterford Institute of Technology, the national IPv6 test center for Ireland. “With its ability to analyze both NetFlow and sFlow data, StealthWatch quickly shows us the ‘who, what, when and where’ of network traffic.”

Lancope encourages its customers to become involved in World IPv6 Day and begin their transition to the new protocol. In addition to the transition being inevitable, IPv6 is also designed to be more effective than IPv4 in terms of security, reliability and ease of management. Unfortunately, if organizations do not make the transition in a timely manner, alternative solutions will be adopted to extend the life of IPv4 addresses, many of which could jeopardize Internet security.

“World IPv6 Day offers a unique opportunity to test and obtain more information on the operational aspects of deploying IPv6 infrastructure,” added Powers of Lancope. “IPv4 address exhaustion is happening faster than most people realize, and in the coming years the transition to IPv6 will be all but mandatory. Companies of all sizes should consider the impact IPv6 will have in the long run to avoid the last-minute scramble and widespread security issues that result from procrastination.”

For more information on IPv6, including a preparation checklist for the transition, please visit Lancope’s NetFlow Ninjas Blog at http://netflowninjas.lancope.com/blog/. Further details on World IPv6 Day can be found at http://www.worldipv6day.org/.

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