CrowdPicks Boosts Prizes to Members

June 13, 2011

OMAHA, Neb., June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — CrowdPicks, a social gaming site, is offering a 32GB Motorola Tablet Xoom(TM) Wi-Fi to the top 2 pickers for the upcoming College World Series. If you are attending the College World Series in Omaha you can sign up to win, any day during the series at Barley’s Tip Top across from the stadium at 1510 Cuming Street in Omaha, NE.

CrowdPicks is also preparing for the upcoming Professional and College Football seasons by adding a $100 first place prize to the overall winners, $50 to second place and $25 for third place to the top pickers. The prizes are designed to increase the base of the social community, reward accurate picks and promote social engagement.

Also coming in the summer of 2011, CrowdPicks will launch its Facebook application. This will allow members to share content and picks results within their personal social networks and will contribute to a further viral expansion of CrowdPicks. Plans are also in the works to launch a Presidential Election 2012 game to forecast the outcome of the primaries and the final election of the President. “Through a compelling free-to-play social game a diverse audience provides a massive media channel for uncensored, real-time information and we reward them for being accurate,” says CrowdPicks President Ed Shada. “With the launch of our College World Series picks, we are taking a huge next step with our members for those who are truly talented to self-identify and be rewarded,” says Shada.

CrowdPicks is a social gaming site that allows subscribers to mine troves of data generated by the CrowdPicks member base in order to deliver the most powerful and reliable sports prediction model available today. The utilization of ‘wisdom-of-the-crowd‘ or ‘collective intelligence‘ theory has been tested and applied by CrowdPicks to sporting events since 2007. Using Las Vegas odds, CrowdPicks smart crowd has successfully picked all 5 Stanley Cup Final Games and 4 out of six NBA Finals

Go to www.CrowdPicks.com and register and pick the College World Series games for your chance to win a Motorola Xoom(TM).

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