College of Mount St. Joseph, Lykins Oil and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions Go Risk-Free with ATC

June 14, 2011

CINCINNATI, June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ATC (www.4atc.com) announced that it was selected by the College of Mount St. Joseph, Lykins Oil and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions to optimize communications services. Under ATC’s risk-free value proposition, the organizations are guaranteed its efforts will reduce telecom and energy-related expenditures.

Operating as an outsourced, carrier-neutral telecom agency, ATC removes the complexities that exist in selecting, procuring and managing communications services. Through its depth of telecom expertise, ATC is equipped to build, negotiate and maintain customized solutions. The company has built strategic partnerships with over 50 of the nation’s best-in-class carriers.

With engagements underway at all three organizations — encompassing voice, data, VoIP, wireless and Internet services — client representatives are confident in ATC’s ability to streamline key processes, reduce costs and create value.

“The business case for working with ATC was clear. We have two exceptional network administrators on campus, but they do not possess the ‘hands on’ telecom experience that the ATC team brings to the table. Overburdening them with weeks of research and analysis simply did not make sense given our in-house demands and current needs,” said Keith Weber, CIO, College of Mount St. Joseph. “ATC quickly delivered the comprehensive, quality insight we required to begin our transition from analog to digital VoIP.”

In addition to replicating the rapid, in-depth analysis provided to the College of Mount St. Joseph, ATC performed billing and contract audits for Lykins Oil and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. The company accomplished its objectives of recovering money lost to billing errors and contractual oversights; consolidating and streamlining monthly billing; and securing more favorable services and contract terms.

“ATC has exceeded our expectations,” said Bob Manning, CFO, Lykins Companies. “The team’s efforts in assembling customized options for our organization left no stone unturned, enabling us to rapidly implement changes that have simplified our networks and billing across 25 locations. Our monthly recovered savings has exceeded thousands thus far, and through ATC’s strong carrier relationships and negotiating skills, we have renewed our contract for greater savings.”

“We chose to work with ATC because of its ability to guarantee savings for our company over time. We also knew the company had strong relationships with nation-wide carriers and the expertise necessary to work with the Cisco phone system ATC helped us procure,” said Jim Williams, Director of Fleet and Facility Operations, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions. “We are impressed with ATC’s professionalism, strong communications and exceptional level of service. The team has rapidly responded to every need and request we’ve had, demonstrating a clear commitment to building a long-lasting, high-value relationship.”

“Our work with the College of Mount St. Joseph, Lykins Oil and Mike Albert Fleet Solutions certainly intensifies our local presence and reinforces the value of our service across industry sectors,” said David Goodwin, Co-Principal, ATC. “As three of the Tri-State’s leading organizations, our new clients understand the inherent value in deploying outsourced expertise to bridge resource gaps and provide long-term support. We are committed to growing our new relationships through innovation, efficiency and cost savings.”

About ATC

ATC removes the complexities of selecting, procuring and managing telecom services by leveraging industry expertise and strategic partnerships with 50+ service providers. It derives savings by streamlining key processes and positioning solutions from best-in-class providers, including: Voice/Data/Internet, VoIP, audio/video/web conferencing, cellular/wireless and energy services. www.4atc.com .

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