Challenge History Report(TM) 2.0 Provides Better Expert Witness Due Diligence for Attorneys

June 14, 2011

BLUE BELL, Pa., June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Challenge History Report(TM) 2.0 from The TASA Group, Inc. (www.TASAnet.com), the next generation of challenged testimony research, helps prepare attorneys for deposition and trial by revealing past challenges to the admission of expert witness testimony. Whether investigating an opposing expert, or an expert they might hire, legal professionals can avoid unwelcome surprises–or utilize the surprise factor themselves– with a Challenge History Report(TM) 2.0 (CHR 2.0). Its deep, customized research shows whether a gatekeeping standard or rule, like Daubert, was cited, if the expert’s qualifications or methods were challenged or strongly criticized by the court, and if the courts tended to admit or exclude the expert’s testimony after a challenge.

Attorneys no longer must rely on outdated challenge research. Unlike other challenge search products, the Challenge History Report(TM) 2.0 is custom-created for each search request. Melinda Sungenis, President and CEO of The TASA Group, explains: “The results in this one-of-a-kind report are never ‘canned,’ never relying on prepared material from prior searches. Reports are always in ‘real time,’ giving attorneys a competitive edge.”

Law firms benefit from the unparalleled research behind the CHR 2.0, which specializes in finding reported AND unreported decisions, utilizing the widest range of resources publicly available: case law databases, jury verdict reports, docket repositories, motions and pleadings, appellate briefs, and state trial court orders. The CHR 2.0′s reach exceeds what most law offices can access, and the product holds licenses for tools that some firms and subscription research services rarely possess. Reports are available within three to four business days.

To learn more, visit http://www.tasanet.com/challenge-history-report.aspx View a sample CHR 2.0 at http://www.tasanet.com/files/media_files/Sample_Challenge_History_Report_2.0.pdf

About The TASA Group, Inc. Founded in 1956, The TASA Group, Inc. provides superior, independent testifying and consulting experts to clients in law (plaintiff/defense), insurance, business, and government. The TASA Group refers experts worldwide, targeting the credentials, location, experience, and timeframe clients require. Offering experts in 10,000+ diverse categories within the fields of technology, business, the arts, and sciences, including medicine, The TASA Group is renowned for rapid response to client requests, precise referrals, and ongoing personal service. Their online Knowledge Center (http://www.tasanet.com/knowledgeCenter.aspx) contains case-relevant, expert-led webinars and insightful, expert-authored articles.

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