Jordan Valley Delivers a Multiple System Repeat Order for its Thin Films Metrology Systems From a Major Foundry

June 16, 2011

MIGDAL HA’EMEK, Israel, June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd., a leading provider of X-ray metrology
solutions for advanced semiconductor fabs, announced today the delivery of a
follow-on order of its JVX7200 and JVX6200 thin-film metrology systems for a
major foundry in the Far East.

“This repeat order clearly shows the customer’s confidence in our
system’s enabling capabilities and production worthiness,” said Mr. Isaac
Mazor, Jordan Valley Semiconductors’ CEO. “Jordan Valley metrology tools
target the most demanding FEOL and BEOL applications, such as complex SiGe
stacks, silicide, high-k/metal gate and metallization,” added Mr. Mazor.

The JVX7200 metrology platform, winner of SEMI’s 2010 “Best of West”
award, is installed in several advanced logic fabs, targeting complex SiGe
and Si:C metrology for both R&D and production control. The JVX7200 platform
combines two absolute measurement techniques: Fast HRXRD (High-Resolution
X-Ray Diffraction) and fast XRR (X-Ray Reflectance).

The fast-HRXRD channel measure SiGe stack composition, strain and
relaxation while the small spot fast-XRR provides thickness and density of
complex SiGe stacks.

Recently introduced, the JVX7200′s “VEGA” XRR channel is the first
sub-mm spot XRR, which enables on-product measurement with improved
precision & repeatability.

The JVX6200 metrology platform combine XRR and XRF channels targeting
applications such as high-k/metal gate silicide, ONO, SiON, Cu seed/barriers
and others.

“While techniques like SE often require frequent off-line calibrations
due to correlation of parameters, the XRR and HRXRD techniques are absolute
and provide accurate and repeatable measurements without the need for
external calibration,” said Alon Kapel, Director of Sales and Marketing at
Jordan Valley.

“Furthermore, the XRR data analysis methods are easy to use and robust.
They can accommodate a wide variation in the thickness ranges around the
target values in multilayer stacks unlike the narrow ranges that are often
needed in ellipsometry due to variations in the optical parameters n&k,”
added Mr. Kapel.

About the JVX6200i(TM) production metrology tool

The JVX6200i(TM) advanced X-ray metrology system is a high throughput,
high uptime and low COO production tool. It is a multi-channel metrology
tool for advanced semiconductor FEOL and BEOL processes as well as
wafer-level packaging (WLP) applications. The popular configuration combines
X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray reflectance (XRR). Typical applications
are: FEOL (High-k/metal gate, SiON and ACL hard masks), BEOL (Cu
seed/barrier, Cu electroplating & CMP) and WLP (UBM stack, Sn/Ag micro bumps
and Cu pillars).

About the JVX7200(TM) production metrology tool

The JVX7200 (TM) advanced X-ray metrology system is the first tool for
in-line production control of epitaxial SiGe &Si:C applications. This tool
combines Fast HRXRD and Fast XRR channels. The JVX7200 is capable of
measuring SiGe composition, thickness, density, strain and relaxation of
single and multi-layer stacks on product wafers with high throughput,
accuracy and repeatability. Unlike optical or spectroscopic tools HRXRD and
XRR are first principle techniques that deliver accurate and precise results
without calibration.

About Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd. http://www.jvsemi.com

Jordan Valley Semiconductors (JVS), the leader in X-ray and VUV
metrology solutions for the semiconductor industry, develops, manufactures
and sells fully automated metrology tools for advanced technology nodes
based on non-contacting and non-destructive tools.

The company offers the semiconductor industry the most comprehensive
portfolio of advanced metrology tools, based on technologies such as XRR,

Jordan Valley’s investors include Clal Industries and Investments Ltd.
(TASE: CII), Intel Capital (NASDAQ: INTC) and Elron Electronics Industries
Ltd. (TASE: ELRN).With headquarters in Migdal Haemek Israel, the company has
subsidiaries in Durham United Kingdom, Austin Texas USA and Hsin-Chu Taiwan,
as well as representatives worldwide.

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        For more information:

        Alon Kapel, Director of marketing
        Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.
        Tel: +972-4-654-3666 x 134 alon@jvsemi.com

        Michal Kashti, Marcom & Sales admin.
        Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.
        Tel: +972-4-654-3666 x 103

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