June 17, 2011

Oracle Seeks Billions From Google In Java Patent Lawsuit

Oracle Corp. is seeking "billions of dollars" in damages in a patent and copyright infringement lawsuit against Google Inc., according to new court documents made available on Thursday.

In its lawsuit filed last year in a federal court in San Francisco, Oracle alleged that Google's Android mobile operating system infringes upon eight of Oracle's Java programming language patents. 

The Java patents became the property of Oracle when it acquired Sun Microsystems last year.  

Oracle filed a petition with the court on Thursday, claiming Google was attempting to conceal the fact that Oracle was seeking billions in damages in the case. 

According to court documents, Google had described Oracle's damages assessment as "unreliable and results-oriented," and asked a U.S. judge in San Francisco to ignore it.  In disputing Oracle's methodology, Google also asked the court to redact from the record some information relating to the damages Oracle sought in the case.

But Oracle's lawyers argue in their petition that Google should not be permitted to have information redacted from public court records, including "references to the fact that Oracle's damages claims in this case are in the billions of dollars." 

Oracle's damages claims "are based on both accepted methodology and a wealth of concrete evidence," the company said in its filing.

"They should not be hidden from public view."

Due to Oracle's position, U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who is presiding over the case, ordered Google on Thursday to make public the information about the damages sought by Oracle by Friday.


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