June 17, 2011

Samsung Chromebook Goes On Sale In The US

Samsung has developed the first laptop to run on Google's Chrome operating system, which has gone on sale in the United States, reports BBC News.

The Chromebook uses browser-based apps which store files online, instead of installed software. According to Google, the technology gives users a new way of computing by removing the need for features like anti-virus software or optical drives.

"Most people spend all their time on the web, and for the first time we have distilled the entire computing experience to be about nothing but the web," says Sundar Pichai, senior vice president for Chrome, at its launch last month.

"End-to-end, I think your computing experience will be far simpler, safer and faster."

But the availability of many applications for Windows, Mac and Linux has yet to exist for Chrome.

Early reviews of the operating system have criticized it for being unusable offline.

"For all the things that are on the web browser, this works really well "“ better than anything else. But for all the stuff you do on the desktop, it doesn't do very well at all," says Ruper Goodwins from ZDNet.

"The idea that this doesn't matter "“ that you're always connected and always online "“ isn't quite true yet," he says. "The idea is very good but it's a little premature."

Currently the Chromebook is available in WiFi only at $429 and WiFi and 3G models at $499.

The laptop will launch in the UK in August .

Acer has also made a second Chromebook which will be shipping sometime soon.


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