Turkish e-Commerce Founder to Support New Entrepreneurs

June 21, 2011

ISTANBUL, June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Aksoy Group, the founder of sahibinden.com [http://www.sahibinden.com/en
, Turkey's most visited e-commerce platform with over 2 billion monthly page
views, is aiming to support promising internet projects through its newly
established "Aksoy Internet Ventures".

Aksoy Group Vice-Chairman Taner Aksoy said "We founded sahibinden.com
[http://www.sahibinden.com/en ] in 2000, and the Turkish information
technology sector has developed and undergone a major change since then. It’s
a great pleasure for us to witness the whole process, especially after
having secured a place among the most experienced companies. Nowadays,
without a doubt, raising funds for the right project will not be so difficult
in such a promising sector. Our differentiation will be to share our vision
and experience on top of our financial support. Shortly, Aksoy Internet
Ventures brings ‘smart money’ ”

Aksoy said the company was willing to invest in a portfolio of companies
diversifying risk. “We are primarily considering investing in Turkey. We may
get involved in projects that directly target foreign markets, as well as
those that are extending from Turkey to abroad.” Investors who share a
common vision with Aksoy Internet Ventures will also have the opportunity to
co-invest in these new projects, the group said.

Aksoy Internet Ventures made its first investment to dakick.com. Serkan
UEnsal, General Manager of dakick.com, said they provide a personalized
social calendar service which facilitates the automatic collation of all
sorts of social activities that might fall in to a user’s field of interest.
The service helps users to keep up with city life by informing them about
parties, concerts, sports games and similar events, as well as sending
notifications about what is going on in the city, including the whereabouts
of their favorite celebrities and most popular venues. The users can also
share calendars with friends and establish a social network of their own.

Commenting on the investment and support they had received from Aksoy
Internet Ventures, UEnsal said, “We are shaping the future of dakick.com
together with a team that has more than 10 years of experience in the
Internet sector, and a team that has made a great success with
sahibinden.com [http://www.sahibinden.com/en ].”

“Partnering with a platform that serves more than 2 billion pages
monthly (Turkey record) and 22 million unique visitors per month is an
unprecedented advantage for new Internet projects”, UEnsal said in noting
the opportunities for growth. “The synergy of using common resources in
logistics, infrastructure and technology will become the driving power for
our success in the next term,” he said.

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        Naim Kutlu
        Tel. +90-212-243-36-00

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