Reveille Software(TM) Customers Confirm ROI and Increased Service Levels in Survey

June 22, 2011

ATLANTA, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Reveille Software(TM), provider of the most widely-used experience and performance management (EPM) solution for enterprise content management (ECM) applications, today released the results of a customer survey conducted with its enterprise customers. The survey results confirm that Reveille customers generate a tangible return on investment (ROI) and reduce trouble tickets and escalations after implementing Reveille ECM management consoles.

Respondents to the survey were Reveille customers who have implemented ECM solutions including EMC® Documentum®, EMC Captiva®, IBM® Content Manager®, and Kofax®. Respondents included two top ten banks, two top ten consumer products companies, a top ten pharmaceutical company, and two top 20 insurance companies. Respondents were asked 10 questions about their use of Reveille Management Consoles in their enterprise content management implementation and any benefits they have achieved. On average, Reveille customers reported a reduction in trouble tickets of 36%. Additionally, 86% of respondents reported a decrease in support costs and 100% of respondents reported an increase in system availability.

“Before Reveille, we used IT resources to manually monitor our ECM document capture processes,” said an IT director of a top 10 bank. “In the first year of implementing the Reveille Management Console we saved over $200,000 in support costs and reduced user-generated trouble tickets by 80%.”

“We originally commissioned the survey to validate whether or not our customers were able to generate a tangible ROI after investing in Reveille solutions,” said Bob Estes, CEO of Reveille Software. “It is gratifying to learn that 100% of our respondents report a significant decrease in trouble tickets and an increase in service levels with Reveille.”

To learn more about the survey and how Reveille customers increase system availability and reduce ECM trouble tickets, problem escalations, and support cost with Reveille Management Consoles please visit the Reveille website at www.reveillesoftware.com, contact Reveille at info@reveillesoftware.com or follow Reveille Software on Twitter.

About Reveille Software

Reveille Software(TM) is the provider of the most widely-used experience and performance management (EPM) solution for enterprise content management (ECM) applications. Used by more than 400 companies, including HSBC, Amgen and JPMorgan Chase, Reveille EPM helps companies ensure business-critical applications perform at peak efficiency and availability–without application babysitting. Reveille EPM proactively monitors user experience, application processes and business metrics to diagnose and repair failures before end-users experience delay. For more information, visit www.reveillesoftware.com.

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