June 22, 2011

Foursquare Hits 10 Million Users

Foursquare hit a milestone of 10 million users six months after the company announced it had six million registered users.

Foursquare allows people to log their locations by "checking in" from where they are at any given moment using smartphones.

Foursquare takes advantage of a smartphone's satellite location tracking abilities or mobile signal tower triangulation to use its service.

Foursquare awards users with virtual "badges" for accomplishments like traveling to distance places or frequenting boats or trains.

Some businesses have started offering coupons for Foursquare users who check in to their site.  Adweek reported that over 40,000 companies were using foursquare to connect with customers.

The services have logged check-ins from every country and one from an astronaut in space.

The New York City-based startup has seen its users grow 3,400 percent from last year.

According to market researchers comScore, one in five smartphone owners in the U.S. check-in service like Facebook Places, Gowalla or Foursquare.

"Although still in their relative infancy, location-based mobile check-in services are seeing rather impressive adoption among smartphone users," Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile, said in a statement.


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