NetCharts Performance Dashboards 2.2 Available from Visual Mining

June 28, 2011

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Visual Mining®, a leader in performance management and data visualization solutions, today announced the availability of NetCharts Performance Dashboards® (NCPD) version 2.2 for business users.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards improves a business executive or manager’s ability to independently visualize, analyze, explore, understand and consume data from across their organization. NCPD is a self-service solution that untethers decision makers from IT, unlocking needed information and allowing them to quickly gain insight and take action. With version 2.2, dashboards and KPIs are easily transported from solution to solution, enabling new dashboards and configurations to be created quickly from existing ones. Simplified Comparative Analysis visually depicts performance against established goals and benchmarks, making trends and exceptions apparent as they occur rather than available after a period closes.

NCPD 2.2 rule based user controls and chart-level filtering enable organizations to create highly relevant and actionable user-specific charts and reports. Administrators can restrict individual viewing rights, limiting access to only data pertinent to their role or permissions. This allows a business to create and maintain a single dashboard that is used by multiple users or departments, but with each user seeing only the KPI data they are authorized to see.

“Visual Mining is committed to providing business leaders with easy to use interactive business intelligence dashboards and solutions that support corporate performance management. We empower business users by allowing them to explore, understand and consume data, enabling them to make better informed decisions more quickly and produce superior outcomes,” said company President and CEO, Tristan Ziegler. “NCPD 2.2 is another in a long stream of innovations that document our customer commitment and industry leadership.”

About Visual Mining

For 15 years, Visual Mining continues to be a profitable, trusted and valued provider of business intelligence dashboard and data visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. Visual Mining’s award-winning NetCharts software delivers comprehensive, intuitive, and effective solutions for both developers and business end-users. Visual Mining’s support and professional services teams complement its products by providing the expertise to ensure success. Download a free evaluation copy of NetCharts software by visiting www.visualmining.com. Follow us on Twitter! www.twitter.com/visualmining. Visual Mining: Visualize. Analyze. Capitalize.

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