June 29, 2011

Google Wants To Know ‘What Do You Love?’

Google has a question for everyone, "What do you love?" Tech industry blog TechCrunch appears to be the first to make note of the site, WDYL.com, from the search giant and it appears to be a sophisticated search tool that combines results from several sources, USA Today is reporting.

Type in "smartphones," and several widget-style windows appear, with images of devices, the latest news or books on smartphones, and even how to create a smartphone photo album with Picasa.

The results that are returned are quite varied and integrate several Google tools including results from Blogger, Picasa, Books, Chrome, Translate, Earth, Trends, Gmail, News, and YouTube. Not every query can create results from every source but where they are relevant, they appear to be useful, PC Mag reports.

Although still a work-in-progress, the best results seem to come from generalized searches such as "science" or "technology" and not from more specific queries but Google is generally open to releasing beta-level features to the public and adjusting them as time goes on.

The most striking thing about the new site is that it seems pretty well designed "” not always a given with Google, Tech Crunch reports. According to a source, wdyl.com quietly rolled out several days ago and the formal launch was set for yesterday, but engineering issues have been holding it back so expect a formal announcement as soon as Google thinks it is ready.


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