Save Phace Launches New Extreme Face Protector (EFP)

July 2, 2011

Save Phace launches the EFP (Extreme Face Protector) to retailers and consumers worldwide. The EFP is a welding helmet, grinding mask and splash guard all in one. It is the only welding helmet in the world with a 180-degree lens design, which offers complete peripheral vision.

Sherman, TX (PRWEB) July 01, 2011

Save Phace, the world’s leading manufacturer of face protection, is excited to announce the Extreme Face Protector is now available for consumers and retailers. The new helmet employs revolutionary technology to enhance user’s experiences.

The Extreme Face Protector includes the world’s first and only Auto Darkening Filter that has been integrated into a 180-degree welding lens. With more the two times the viewing area, users will experience welding, grinding and general face protection in a completely new way.

“We are thrilled to be releasing the new Extreme Face Protector, the first and only welding mask that offers 180-degree perfect peripheral vision in addition to other industry-first features,” said Jerry Wright, CEO of Save Phace. “Through years of market research and thousands of testing hours, we know this mask will change the way you work. We are also excited to announce that the price is unheard of, you will have to check the website to see.”

In addition to the Auto Darkening Filter, the Extreme Face Protector offers 180 degree peripheral vision as well as a face-forming profile that enables users to get into tighter spaces. The unique design allows more heat to escape, resulting in a cooler welding mask””6 degrees cooler, to be specific. In addition, the helmet comes ready with a 9-point High Halo-quality headgear to allow maximum vision and air flow options.

The new welding helmet also comes in a number of styles and colors, including the “Old School Series,” which features the welding helmet with 180-degree viewing area, and the Gen X Series, which has an ADF-Integrated 180-degree viewing lens. For more information, check out the Extreme Face Protector online.

The helmet is highly versatile in its options and appearance. Simply replace Welding lens that comes with each Extreme Face Protector with a clear lens for use as a grinding mask, splash guard or related projects that require face protection. There are several shades of lenses from which to choose, including 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 14. Each lens is treated with anti-fog, anti-abrasion and UV coatings at the factory to eliminate any fogging.

About Save Phace:

Located in North Texas and made up of collective adrenaline junkies, Save Phace is dedicated to protecting faces with proven designs that provide a unique look. Save Phace has been researching, developing, and protecting heads for the past six years. In addition to the Extreme Face Protector, Save Phace also offers tactical masks and sports utility masks for paintball, airsoft, law enforcement and military training.

Customer satisfaction is more than their main goal; it’s their way of life.


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