INTERSPORT Optimizes Virtual Environment With Expand Networks

July 5, 2011

ROSELAND, New Jersey, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

Expand Networks, the leader in optimizing WANs for branch office
consolidation and virtualization, announces that INTERSPORT International
has implemented its Virtual Accelerator (VACC) to optimize SAP, video
conferencing and other critical applications between its headquarters in
Switzerland and China. Benefitting from a fully virtualized WAN optimization
solution, INTERSPORT is already experiencing 35% acceleration during the
test phase, and now plans to extend the solution to its Hong Kong office.

INTERSPORT International is the brand management and purchasing company
of the INTERSPORT Group, which has more than 5,300 associated retailers in
39 countries. The FMCG industry requires them to constantly share and update
information on brands, suppliers, purchasing, and market rates. The
performance of the WAN is critical to this, however, the company experienced
challenges in network reliability and key application performance.

Jicky Li, Network Manager, at INTERSPORT International, comments,
“Connectivity in China was not stable, and we were experiencing inconsistent
network performance for overseas bandwidth. This impacted productivity, and
slowed critical communication between our international offices. This was
particularly prevalent with SAP, but also other data traffic such as
filesharing and email communications.”

INTERSPORT also highlighted its use of video conferencing for internal
communications, also used to communicate with large brands such as Nike, as
a key challenge for WAN performance. Evaluating products from Juniper,
Riverbed and F5, Expand was chosen for its virtualised form factor and
superior ability to accelerate and prioritise all applications.

“Having made an investment into creating a wholly virtualised
environment at INTERSPORT, it was critical that any new software must fully
support VMWare in order to match the virtual network. Expand was the only
product to provide this,” commented Li.

Expand’s Virtual Accelerators live within, and accelerate out of,
virtual environments By leveraging the existing virtual infrastructure at
INTERSPORT, Expand’s WAN optimization technology is deployed as a “virtual
image”. Delivering the most advanced levels of VMware integration,
INTERSPORT can use VMware’s suite of services to simply deploy, manage,
maintain and assure the Expand Accelerator Image within their existing
virtualized infrastructure.

“After we installed Expand, traffic was smooth and user experience
consistent,” Li explained. “The virtualised system in China now runs like a
LAN. Expand has also made a difference to senior execs, regularly travelling
between international offices. For them, connecting to the Exchange Server
in our Swiss HQ was difficult and slow, but with Expand’s compression
techniques, this pain point has been eliminated.”

INTERSPORT has completed the implementation of Expand Networks’ Virtual
Accelerators between its Swiss HQ and China. Based on the early success of
the deployment, Li and his team are now planning to extend the solution to
its Hong Kong office later this year.

SOURCE Expand Networks

Source: newswire

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