July 5, 2011

Adult Students can Find Continuing Education in Minutes at Fatminds.com

SAN FRANCISCO, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Are you looking for a "marketing course" or "marketing degree" today on a search engine? What an adult student finds is links to many online education affiliate sites. It takes weeks to find an affordable education program of choice close to home, work or online.

That changes with the launch of Fatminds.com, a free service that enables adult students to easily find and research adult continuing education courses, both online and classroom, across thousands of webinars, seminars, courses, certificates and degrees. Fatminds.com guides adult students through a wide variety of education programs within business, health, education, information technology disciplines and more.

Today, it is very difficult and time consuming to find high quality continuing education programs that meet the adult students' requirements. Tejash Unadkat, Cofounder & CEO of Fatminds.com, learned this first hand when spending countless hours trying to help his sister find graduate programs that matched her interests, location, budget, and schedule. He soon learned that the web is stuffed with offerings from for-profit companies, and that affiliates of these companies have rendered search engines useless as a research tool.

"What Yelp did for small businesses, we want to do for quality education institutions and help their prospective students wade through the affiliate farms," says Tejash Unadkat.

Educational institutions can now connect with adult students looking for programs and engage with these students when they are considering multiple online and classroom options.

Early partner, University of San Francisco (USF), Cupertino, signed up after recognizing the benefit of a service like Fatminds.com which can provide outreach and interaction with more adult students while enhancing the University's web presence.

"Adults want to continue their education and advance careers with programs that fit their schedule, location and financial budget. We have accelerated degree programs that do just that," says Maia Rabinov, USF Director.

Fatminds.com wants to create a community for adult students, education institutions, alumni and career counselors to guide education seekers to their desired goals by selecting the appropriate education programs. Fatminds.com is currently on pace to offer the country's largest continuing education catalog by the end of the year.

Adult users can now log on to Fatminds.com and begin finding and selecting their desired education programs. Fatminds is a Graduate of the Founder Institute, and also won Second Place at the 6th Founder Showcase.

SOURCE Fatminds.com