July 6, 2011

Tervela Issued Foundational Patent for Data Fabric Technology

NEW YORK, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tervela, the leading provider of fast, reliable data movement solutions for mission-critical applications, announced today the issuance of an important patent by the US Patent Office. The patent for invention number 7,970,918 covers core capabilities in Tervela's data fabric platform, as an end-to-end middleware architecture designed for high-volume, low-latency messaging.

"Tervela has always offered something very unique to the market, and this patent strengthens that position," said Barry Thompson, Founder and CTO of Tervela. "It covers an innovative set of plug-and-play technologies that deliver very fast, no-loss movement of data globally to support the world's most demanding applications."

This patent comes during a time of growing momentum for the company. During the first half of 2011, Tervela gained significant customer traction from industry-leading companies such as ICAP, Allston Trading, and more. The company also added Mike Leeolou to its executive team in the role of Vice President of Sales, and launched a new brand identity to the market.

Tervela's patent covers some of the most important attributes of a global data fabric solution. These attributes, having long been a core part of the Tervela solution, allow enterprise architects and developers to deploy distributed, real-time applications that scale globally, with high performance and no-loss reliability.

The technology in this patent includes the core data fabric and the following components in an overall solution:

  • Caching & Persistence: storage services are integrated into the messaging fabric to enable fault-tolerance, burst management, replay capabilities, and more.
  • WAN Optimization: neighbor-based routing, protocol conversion, and dynamic configuration capabilities enable highly optimized transfer of both dynamic and static data over wide area networks.
  • Security: data is protected by built-in security including authentication, entitlements for users on individual topics, and topological communication paths between nodes.
  • Provisioning & Management: system configuration, health, performance monitoring, and reporting are integrated into the appliances and the fabric.

Demand for global, real-time data technology has increased substantially in recent years, driven by the growth of big data and cloud computing applications. Customers utilize the Tervela platform to deliver these applications with substantial cost and time-to-market savings.

About Tervela

Tervela provides a market-leading data fabric solution that dramatically improves the reliability, performance and cost efficiency of mission critical applications that require high speed, no-loss data movement across complex and demanding business environments such as global trading, telecommunications, cyber security, and new media. Founded in 2004, Tervela is deployed in leading Financial Services companies, including proprietary trading firms IV Capital and Allston Trading; prime brokerages such as GBM; brokers such as Goldman Sachs and interdealer brokers and exchanges such as ICAP. For more information, please visit www.tervela.com.

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