July 7, 2011

Children’s Safe Social Network Pen Pal Kids Club, is Free the Month of July!

CARMEL, Calif., July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Pen Pal Kids Club www.penpalkidsclub.com, the world's only safe, translated international social network for children, today announced the memberships to the website are free this month. "The landscape of Social Networking for kids has changed enormously and we are celebrating," announced by Shelley A. Aliotti, Creator / Co-Founder.

Christina Grana a Hollywood, CA producer was recently interviewed and commented, "As a busy working mother of two, I do not always have the time to look over my boys shoulders. Yet they want Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have not given in." Grana continued that a friend made her aware of the new site, "Once I heard that kids can safely use Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids, play online games that have educational foundations. .and most of all discover Pen Pal Kids from around the World, I signed us up." She continued with, " We have relatives in Italy and the boys have traveled there since they were really young...this allows them to continue those relationships in a fun way for them with the translated Pen Pal (virtual) Post Cards...they are having a blast. Most of all I feel comfortable."

"To celebrate the magic that these kids are communicating, we are offering free memberships to the world throughout the month of July [2011]," stated Pen Pal Kids Club CEO Co-Founder John A. Aliotti. This was announced at a Grand Opening celebration in Carmel Valley, CA. At that event, Mom Bloggers were celebrating the site's launch, as they video-conferenced Pen Pal Kids Club headquarters. Influential Mom Bloggers joined from New Jersey / New York areas to Fargo ND, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA to Columbus OH, where Mayor Michael Coleman presented Pen Pal Kids Club with a Letter of Recognition for its educational outreach to children.

Many of today's parents grew up with pen pals--friends from other parts of the world with whom they exchanged letters. Pen Pal Kids Club fosters these nostalgic relationships, but takes it to a new level, thanks to Pen Pal Kids Club Postcards, which are automated and filtered into safe translations in seven key languages .Here, kids will establish their likes, interests and country-locations all within the safety of an avatar which protect their personal identities. The automatic translations are in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and German.

Within the Pen Pal Kids Club site, high quality, fresh and relevant information is provided through an exclusive partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica for Kids. This database is the world-leading online encyclopedia that has been collecting and offering data since 1768. This partnership ensures that every child gets age-appropriate and accurate text, graphs and videos around the clock, without any links to take them off of the PPKC site.

Pen Pal Kids Club's interactive games entertain, as well as teach about other countries and their cultures. Some of these games include:

Trivial Travails! - How much do you know about the world? Compete against 3 other members, from around the world...in real-time, to answer fast-paced quiz questions. The first one to make a trail from one side of the board to the other is the winner.

Fare Fair! - Help customers choose a meal that is native to their country. Learn to recognize and associate foreign words, foods and currencies, but work quickly before time runs out.

They're There! - Search through interesting scenes and monuments to find hidden objects. Find them all before time runs out and you win...and much more.

Pen Pal Kids Club is a virtual community where real kids learn from and inspire each other via pen-pal'ing online as a modern spin on the nostalgic "pen pal relationships." Through virtual postcards from their pen pals, kids can share with each other on a global basis and receive translated responses in their language. While it feels like fun and play, children will also gain insights into other cultures from around the world.

The online security of Pen Pal Kids Club members is of utmost priority, thus their parents are in control of how their children may communicate. "Pen Pal Kids Club is wrapped in a security blanket," says John A. Aliotti.

"Through the latest in technology and around-the-clock monitoring by administrators, Pen Pal Kids Club ensures that no inappropriate activities are taking place," Aliotti also adds, "We also believe it is up to the parent to have full control of his or her child's activities with their personal Parent Controls within the site. This ensures that a child is only able to share as much information and content as his or her parent is comfortable with." Pen Pal Kids Club is fully compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) www.coppa.org.

About Pen Pal Kids Club

www.penpalkidsclub.com, is the only 'Global Social-Network edu-tainment website for children'. They can EXPLORE, PLAY & SHARE with pen pals around the world in a safe environment. This website is the continuation of the children's book that Mrs. Aliotti wrote, illustrated and published 1995--My Pen Pal Scrapbook: An Educational Journey Through World Cultures©. The Pen Pal Kids Club website combines the elements of education, socialization and play, allowing kids to break down geographic and cultural barriers in a nostalgic fun, secure and interactive atmosphere.

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