July 12, 2011

Free Websense TRITON Mashup Delivers Real-Time Website Analysis

SAN DIEGO, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Research shows that on the top 1,000 sites you are usually no more than two clicks away from malware. Now consider that more than 70 percent of today's online threats are snuck onto legitimate websites(1). If you want to avoid infection, you need to know what to trust and what to avoid. Websense (NASDAQ: WBSN), who has been analyzing websites and content for more than a decade, is helping with ACEInsight.com, a free service capability of the Websense® TRITON(TM) solution. ACEInsight.com provides instant website safety data. It is a great tool to check out new, unfamiliar, and suspicious sites. It is also a good tool for seeing how your own site is being profiled by the industry-leading Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE).

At ACEInsight.com, all you have to do is enter a website address. With one click, you get in-depth analysis in 10 categories: site details, website categorization, security categorization, site popularity, reputation, geolocation, antivirus, JavaScript de-obfuscation, site redirects/link analysis, and Twitter details.

ACEInsight.com is powered by the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE)--the same analytics found in the flagship Websense TRITON solution. The Websense TRITON solution plugs the gaps left by traditional security solutions with complementary email, web, and DLP (data loss prevention) security. TRITON stops modern blended threats that take advantage of email, the web, and mobile devices--while preventing valuable IP theft and uniquely effective and easy to implement DLP.

ACE classifies complex online threats and content into 95 categories. It's fueled by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network and the expert Websense Security Labs(TM) team. Every hour, ACE analyzes 40 million websites, scans 10 million emails, and assigns reputation to 2 million domains, networks, IPs, and hosts. ACE also:

  • Correlates more than 50 million systems to classify all types of content - including web, email, data, and application content - in real time and with unmatched accuracy
  • Operates an adaptive feedback network, backed by an integrated system of technology and human intelligence, which parses 1 billion pieces of content every day

For more information on ACEInsight.com and for immediate website safety analytics, please visit www.aceinsight.com. For more information on the Websense TRITON solution, please visit www.websense.com/content/TRITON-solutions.aspx

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(1) Websense 2010 Threat Report

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