July 12, 2011

Tervela Courts Big Data Developers with Launch of Tervela Version 5.0

NEW YORK, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Tervela, the leading provider of high-speed, no-loss data fabric infrastructure for mission-critical applications, today announced the general availability of the Tervela version 5.0 suite of products. This new big data movement platform, available in both hardware and software form factors, represents the first time that a hardware-accelerated advanced messaging platform can be downloaded and run on a standard developer-class PC.

"We love the approach Tervela is taking to scaling out our Web Services architecture. By offloading fast reliable data movement, scalability and high availability to Tervela, I estimate that our development teams will deliver new functionality 50% faster to customers," said Pete Thomas, CTO of Pollenware. "Plus Tervela is instantly scalable to massive volumes of data and to global distribution, simply by upgrading Tervela's software appliances to the hardware versions. Our fast growing business and technology infrastructure is future-proofed on day one."

Tervela solves a very common problem experienced by distributed application developers and data center operators: the WAN degrades performance drastically. This is due not just to slower response times, but also to the heavyweight code required to protect against data loss from transmission errors and security breaches.

Tervela's data fabric offers a different approach to developing globally distributed applications. It provides a lightning-fast, highly reliable data transport layer that addresses the challenges listed above, meeting the scalability requirements of the world's most demanding, mission-critical applications.

About Tervela Version 5.0

Tervela's version 5.0 release contains the following key enhancements:

  • Virtual Appliances: 100% interoperable virtual appliances can run on standard servers for low-bandwidth production or development/test environments.
  • Last Known Value (LKV) and Last Known Message (LKM): The fabric caches both the last known value and the last known message for any topic to make start-up and recovery procedures for applications incredibly simple.
  • Programmatic Administration: Tervela's administrative features are now accessible through application programming interfaces (APIs), so that the fabric can be controlled by software logic, complementing existing manual administration through GUI and command-line interfaces.
  • Integrated Fabric Monitor (IMF): The data fabric can now automatically detect routing and transmission errors and alert applications who can take proactive counter-measures. For example, if the fabric components in New York detect that the London gateway is disrupted, the application can find an alternate gateway automatically.
  • SSD-based Tervela Persistence Engine (TPE-510A): The latest model of the Tervela Persistence Engine uses Solid State Drive (SSD) technology for the highest-performing, most demanding environments.
  • Developer Enhancements: Additional sample applications, graceful recovery options, and other tools are now available to assist application developers.
  • Usability Enhancements: New usability features make administration and management of topics, schema, and distributed fabric components easier than ever.

"These new features enhance and extend Tervela's powerful data fabric platform, giving the enterprise development community access to their first freely available, high-performance data transport system ever," said Eric Schnadig, CEO of Tervela. "After all, it's the developers who are creating the distributed applications of tomorrow, and Tervela's data fabric can help them get there faster."

The Tervela virtual appliance kit can be downloaded for free at http://www.tervela.com/download.

About Tervela

Tervela provides a market-leading data fabric solution that radically improves the reliability, performance and cost efficiency of infrastructures that require high speed, no-loss movement of data across complex and demanding business environments such as global trading, telecommunications, cyber security, and new media. Founded in 2004, Tervela is deployed in leading Financial Services companies, including proprietary trading firms IV Capital and Allston Trading; prime brokerages such as GBM; brokers such as Goldman Sachs; and interdealer brokers and exchanges such as ICAP. For more information, please visit www.tervela.com.

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