July 12, 2011

Anonymous Posts 90,000 Military Email Addresses

The notorious hacker group Anonymous broke into the computer systems of a major government contractor - Booz Allen Hamilton - and uploaded 90,000 military email address and passwords onto a file-sharing network Monday.

The group announced the attack on Twitter, saying it is part of a campaign to expose government and corporate failure to secure computer networks.

The group said in a message that they wiped out 4 gigabytes of Booz Allen source code and stole 90,000 email addresses, although they were only able to get encrypted versions of the email passwords.

Jim Lewis, a cybersecurity expert with the Center for Strategic and International Affairs, told Reuters he was less than impressed with the break-in and did not believe it would hurt them in the long run.

"I'm not sure it's a big deal," he told Reuters. "They say they got lots of email addresses? Sounds like a scavenger hunt more than a hack."

Anup Ghosh, founder of the Invincea security company, said Booz Allen's clients could have their confidence shaken due to the security breach.  He disagreed with Lewis, saying "It will hurt Booz Allen. They will now lose potential customers."

Google Inc. and the Pentagon both faced attacks in 2009 that were blamed on Chinese entities.

Lulz Security, another rogue hackers group, broke into a U.S. Senate server, brought down the CIA website and struck an Arizona police website last month.

Anonymous became famous after attacking companies and institutions that opposed WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.


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