July 12, 2011

Easier Access to Medical Marijuana as NUGS.com Launches with New Toll-Free Phone Number 855-GOT-NUGS

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NUGS.com has just relaunched with a new phone number. By the end of the year NUGS will be the largest and most thorough national medical cannabis directory. They just announced the launch of its redesigned website and new toll-free phone number 855-GOT-NUGS. NUGS.com is a one stop shop to connect physicians, dispensaries and patients along with resources, a community, and other great components.

To facilitate the website's launch, TollfreeNumber.ORG has provided NUGS.com with their custom vanity toll-free phone number 855-GOT-NUGS. TollfreeNumber.ORG allows anyone within the U.S. to obtain an affordable toll free phone number that includes the 800 area code, as well as the newly launched 855 toll-free area code. NUGS.com is one of the first to take advantage of the opportunities that became available since the release of the toll free 855 area code just months ago at http://www.TollfreeNumber.ORG.

The NUGS.com website works with a variety of dispensaries, vendors and cultivation centers to provide news and information that directly affects those organizations and patients with medicinal marijuana prescriptions. Dispensaries and physicians are encouraged to contact the website to have their site, business or practice included in the directory. Organizers are also invited to list their special events.

The newly launched NUGS.com provides a directory of physicians and dispensaries throughout the U.S. for those who utilize medical marijuana. The site is a unique, one-stop resource that provides a wealth of information, news and updates on medicinal marijuana and related events, and how laws affect those who prescribe and use it.

If you would like to find out more about getting your own Custom Vanity Toll Free Numbers contact TollfreeNumber.ORG at 1-800-951-9411 or through their website TollfreeNumber.ORG.

To Contact NUGS.com, Business Owners and Marketing Managers can call 855-GOT-NUGS (855-468-6847) to inquire about partnership programs and to book premium placements for listings in the directory. Those interested in learning more about medicinal marijuana can visit the http://www.NUGS.com website to view the events calendar, blog, articles, and videos.

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Toll Free Number Organization
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