July 12, 2011

Loyaltyworks Rolls Out Improved RewardTrax Quiz and Survey Features

ATLANTA, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Loyaltyworks, a provider of business incentive and customer loyalty programs, has introduced several significant enhancements to the quiz and survey modules of RewardTrax®, the SaaS (Software as a Service) based technology platform that powers their online reward programs. The updates include functionality that expands the online training and feedback capabilities available to reward programs running on RewardTrax.

Highlights of the enhancements include:

  • Personalized, on-demand print certificates, available when the participant successfully completes tests and quizzes (used, for example, to recognize successful completion of certification training)
  • Integrated quiz/test performance feedback (identifying incorrect responses for further study)
  • Configurable test/quiz "re-take" settings
  • Ready access to online study materials
  • Quiz / text sequencing, requiring that a test be passed before access to the next one
  • Quiz / survey content delivery based on specified participant segments
  • Integration with program award rules (participant quiz / test success can be used to automatically ratchet up their point reward payouts).
"The improvements in this release will clearly improve our clients' ability to motivate their program participants to take training and provide feedback, both of which boost program value," says Luke Kreitner, Loyaltyworks' VP of Account Management. "For example, our programs have proven time and again that individual dealers and sales reps will sell more of a product after they've completed some form of product knowledge training. There is a clear ROI produced by incentives that encourage channel partners to take product training."

Kreitner adds, "On the survey side, we're often able to provide clients with valuable insight into their employees, customers or partners through well-constructed surveys. We've tried several third-party tools but find that surveys integrated directly into the RewardTrax program user experience and paired with point-award incentives always produce the highest participation."

"We've also seen overall point earning and redemption activity levels rise after soliciting and using participant feedback to update and refresh a program - tweaking things like award rules, rewards or the overall experience. Participants really seem to buy into a program when you listen to and take their advice."

The Web-based RewardTrax technology platform delivers custom branded, points-based business reward programs. Loyaltyworks designs programs around RewardTrax to boost performance for a wide range of goals, including customer loyalty, increased sales and share of wallet, higher employee engagement through recognition, stronger channel relationships, sales team motivation and more. Loyaltyworks offers complimentary consultations and demonstrations of the RewardTrax platform. For more information call 1-800-844-5000 or visit http://www.loyaltyworks.com .

About Loyaltyworks
Loyaltyworks designs, develops and manages full-service loyalty and incentive programs that produce measurable business results. Typical incentive-driven business solutions include channel sales promotion and loyalty, customer loyalty programs, sales incentive programs, and employee reward and recognition. The company supports all of its points-based incentive programs with a comprehensive set of tools and services including program design, the RewardTrax technology platform, participant communications, program management, reward fulfillment and performance measurement.

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