July 12, 2011

Ground Labs to Present Cardholder Data Discovery Innovation at ISSA-UK CISO’s Den

LONDON, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Ground Labs, the creator of Enterprise Recon and Card Recon, will present insights on it's unique cardholder data discovery technology at an Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) event in London.

This year, ISSA's annual themed Security Day is titled "Security Innovations" and will be held on Thursday, July 14 aboard the HMS President on the River Thames in London. ISSA-UK members and non-members are invited to attend the event, where they will learn about innovative security solutions in the market. Michael.W.Boyer, Director of the Regional Computer Emergency Response Team (RCERT) - Europe, and Ira Winkler, President of the Internet Security Advisors Group (ISAG) will also present at this informative, fast-paced event.

As part of participation in the event, Peter Duthie, Chief Architect of Ground Labs, will offer a presentation titled "Cardholder Data Discovery: A New Hope". Scheduled for noon in Vendor Dragons Den 2, his presentation will provide some detailed technical insights into Ground Labs' approach to cardholder data discovery and explain many of the shortcomings encountered when attempting to use traditional methods for this critical task.

Mr. Duthie explains that the process of achieving accurate cardholder data discovery with low false positives involves a multi-layered approach combining a variety of advanced pattern matching techniques. "Traditional data discovery methods using typical regular expression approaches are not capable of achieving the level of accuracy needed for critical auditing purposes" said Mr. Duthie, "This was a major challenge that Ground Labs' cardholder data discovery technology was designed to address and forms the foundation of our Card Recon and Enterprise Recon solutions for PCI compliance"

"As the importance of performing thorough cardholder data discovery is recognised as a critical step when complying with the PCI DSS, it is becoming equally important to ensure organisations choose solutions capable of achieving the accuracy and scanning depth required for audit purposes" said Stephen Cavey, Director of Corporate Development for Ground Labs. "This event offers a rare opportunity to communicate in a highly technical forum some of the unique innovations that have defined Ground Labs as the industry leader for discovery of cardholder data within emails, databases, documents and various other data-at-rest locations."

Other presenters at the event will include Qualys, Tripwire, Splunk, Sourcefire, Venafi, Top Layer, Exonar, Wave Systems, and Virtuous Networking.

Additional information about ISSA-UK CISO's Den, Security Innovations, is available online at http://tinyurl.com/3cj4p7b.

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Ground Labs is a global leader in the development of security and auditing software solutions for the payment card industry. Its flagship products, Card Recon and Enterprise Recon, identify data storage risks on thousands of computer systems worldwide, helping companies prevent security breaches that result in the theft of customers' credit and debit card numbers. For more information and product demos, visit www.groundlabs.com.

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