July 13, 2011

Xsilva Systems rebrands as LightSpeed, opens its API for custom app development, adds powerful eCommerce connector

Mac OS X Lion-ready, LightSpeed version 3.5 to drive creative POS
customization while supporting new online retail options

MONTREAL, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - A new open API that will drive the development of creative custom Point of Sale
applications and a powerful eCommerce connector that supports the
market-leading Magento platform, are the major new features of
LightSpeed version 3.5 released today by Xsilva Systems. The company also announced it is rebranding as LightSpeed to capitalize on the worldwide reseller network, extensive user base
and broad brand-name recognition it has established for its acclaimed
retail technology since launching in 2005. Additionally, version 3.5
updates LightSpeed Mobile and is ready for the new Mac operating
system, Lion.

The opening of the API makes LightSpeed a dynamic POS platform that
caters to the store owner, developer or IT manager looking to build
custom add-ons to the platform, while still remaining an easy-to-use,
well-priced and richly functional out-of-the-box system that is
attractive to small- to medium-sized retailers.

"With our new API and our powerful new eCommerce connector, LightSpeed
is now open for business in a whole new way," said Dax Dasilva, CEO and founder of LightSpeed. "The new API means that LightSpeed is now a
highly-customizable option for innovative retailers who can truly make
the platform their own as they grow their businesses. Meanwhile, our
eCommerce connector opens up even more choice for retailers looking to
grow online."

Using the LightSpeed API, developers can build custom applications such
as external loyalty programs, third party eCommerce plug-ins, sales
dashboards and integration with back-end ERP systems. Based on web
services, the LightSpeed API exploits the power of LightSpeed Server
and offers developers access to the same framework used by the POS
screen and LightSpeed Mobile, the company's award-winning mobile POS

To support the developer community, LightSpeed is introducing the
LightSpeed Developer Exchange, a membership program that enables
developers to register and license their apps, communicate with fellow
developers and receive tech support from the company's development
team. Membership in the LightSpeed Developer Exchange will cost $499

LightSpeed eCommerce introduces new web store choices

Also new in version 3.5 is LightSpeed eCommerce, a powerful new
eCommerce package that uploads products and images to the online store
of the retailer's choice and downloads orders back into LightSpeed,
offering an online retailing system that is fully integrated with
existing invoicing and fulfillment workflows. LightSpeed eCommerce is
priced at $899 and supports both LightSpeed Web Store, the platform's
turnkey online shopping cart that features easy setup and polished
design, and the widely-adopted, highly customizable Magento platform
that's scalable for high-volume transactions with a powerful feature
set and more than 3,500 add-ons. Support, hosting and SSL certificates
for both Web Store and Magento are also available.

LightSpeed 3.5 also sees the release of LightSpeed Web Store 2.1 with
several new features, including promotional codes, tier-based shipping
and advanced search. Web Store is now an open-source project, allowing
retailers and developers to contribute to the evolution of the product
and create more complex customizations.

LightSpeed now PCI compliant and Mac OS X Lion-ready

In April 2011, the PCI Standards Council deemed LightSpeed version 3.3
to be PA-DSS Certified, the retail industry's highest standards for
data security and fraud protection. This certification enables
retailers using the LightSpeed platform to assure their customers that
their credit card data is protected and also helps protect the
retailers' business from costly and reputation-damaging security
breaches. To help support its users in meeting PCI DSS requirements,
the company has made available for download the LightSpeed PCI
Implementation Guide at www.lightspeedretail.com/pci. Subsequent versions of LightSpeed will be re-certified after public

Additionally, LightSpeed 3.5 updates LightSpeed Mobile with new
transaction editing features and is compatible with Apple's highly
anticipated Mac OS X Lion operating system to be released later this

About LightSpeed

LightSpeed makes a comprehensive suite of retail tools that are tailored
to the Mac platform and intended to help individual retailers and
small- to medium-sized retail chains grow and manage their businesses
more effectively. LightSpeed makes managing a retail business as easy
as click, drag and drop, and features a powerful front-counter Point of
Sale solution. It also features extensive quoting, ordering and
invoicing capabilities, label and barcode printing, reporting,
inventory management, customer profiling and tracking, credit-card
processing, gift cards and multi-store functionality. Add-on module LightSpeed eCommerce allows retailers to sell their inventory online with a LightSpeed Web
Store or Magento solution that is tightly integrated with their
in-store database. LightSpeed Mobile offers retailers the ability to eliminate impersonal cash register
line-ups and instead complete transactions on the retail floor using
the same hardware as Apple does in its own retail stores. This mobile
Point of Sale system represents the very latest in retail technology,
without the high cost of custom application development that big box
stores are paying to achieve the same functionality.

For more information on LightSpeed, please visit www.lightspeedretail.com.

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