July 14, 2011

Personalized Curl Curation With Just a Click – Ouidad Launches New Interactive Website

NEW YORK, July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ouidad, the world-renowned "Queen of Curl", is proud to unveil the NEW and improved www.Ouidad.com, the online destination serving as THE curl authority for those interested in caring for gorgeous curls, waves, and textured hair. Since pioneering the curl category in 1984, Ouidad has formulated products to improve and maintain superior curly hair condition, opened salons catering to curly hair clients, and trained stylists nationwide so her signature techniques are accessible to everyone looking for perfect curl care. Now looking to share her passion and coveted knowledge with curl enthusiasts across the country, Ouidad introduces a new, more personalized, interactive website that highlights customized product regimens, tips, resources and services to keep curly hair at its best, 24/7. For those that may be struggling with curly or frizzy hair, the site is designed to help anyone find products and techniques that work best for their specific curl type.

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Featuring intuitive design, sophisticated visuals and streamlined educational tools, the new Ouidad.com offers the next level of knowledge and expertise to the curl community. Ouidad.com makes it easy to explore products and learn about "embracing one's natural curl." The updated design highlights the Ouidad product offerings, the Curl Profiler diagnostic tool, customer reviews, videos and features salons across the country that are Ouidad certified.

A Curl Community

Ouidad.com features inspiring hair visuals that curly hair customers can identify with and aspire to achieve. Customer reviews and comments are prominent throughout the site to serve as recommendations for shoppers and reinforce the sense of community among curly haired people. For returning customers, an ambassador program presents the opportunity to share personal experiences and tips about Ouidad products and services, and to inspire others to embrace their curls. The overall site design was based on feedback from curly clients so as to provide a platform for them to learn and share with each other.

Customized Curls

Ouidad.com's Curl Profiler diagnostic tool makes it simple and efficient to explore one's specific curl type. A series of eight questions identifies the appropriate curl type of the user with a personal curl assessment, recommended products and tips. "Must Have" products are recommended for basic care, styling and finishing, and special treatment so that the variety of curly, wavy, and textured hair types can easily find exactly what is right for them.

Simplified Shopping

To start shopping, customers can choose various options from the navigation system embedded into the new site. "Shop Products" and "Explore Curl Type" tabs offer drop down options to shop by category, curl type and concern. Product pages incorporate modern imagery, customer reviews, and companion products. Frequent users can store their preferences in a personal account so that the products and resources for their individual curl type are stored for future access and ease of use.

Tips and Tools

Ouidad.com's educational approach helps customers treat their curls with the best care possible. Videos, tips, and advice present the opportunity to learn about curly hair while styling guides and message boards provide ongoing support to visitors. The Ouidad salon experience is also highlighted on the updated site to make it easier to locate a Ouidad Flagship or Certified Salon. The salon pages include stylist biographies, reviews, location information and service menus so that customers can immediately find the best caretaker for their curly locks.

About Ouidad

After years of working with curly hair in her exclusive salons, Ouidad designed products specifically formulated for the needs of curly hair. Ouidad products deliver healthy hair for life by focusing on the building blocks of healthy hair, not on the aesthetic, short term effects. They contain no waxes or heavy oils to beat hair into submission. Ouidad products are gentle and extremely moisturizing and are guaranteed to get hair into its healthiest condition. The formulations are lightweight and water soluble leaving hair free of residue or product build up.