July 18, 2011

New FlowWorks Calculation Engine Delivers a Higher Order of Flow Data Analysis

SEATTLE, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- FlowWorks, Inc. announces the release of an important new analysis tool as part of the FlowWorks web platform updates for 2011. The new FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine (FACE), is a quantifiable improvement in time-series data analysis and manipulation tools for water utilities, municipalities and industrial clients. With FACE, users have an unprecedented array of data gathering, analysis and management options available from a single source.

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"The FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine is more than an evolution of our data platform," says Timothy Hicks, FlowWorks President. "It is a quantum leap forward in data monitoring, collection and manipulation. With FACE, our users now have ultimate control over their data: how, where and when it's collected, how it's collated and processed, and unlimited options for analysis and reporting. It is the most advanced, convenient flow data management resource available for implementation at the user level."

The FACE is a set of real-time data manipulation tools, allowing users to create and define new data channels from incoming channels using advanced math, statistics and logic equations. For the first time, users can create, edit, delete and combine data channels with powerful mathematical functions for sophisticated real-time analysis, all via the internet.

According to Operations Manager Craig Kipkie, "With the introduction of our 2011 update and the FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine, we have greatly improved the functionality we provide utility managers. Users have access to a rich new feature set that allows endless data manipulation scenarios, and delivers a comprehensive picture of facility function, all from a convenient, one-stop resource. And we've accomplished that without any increase in cost to our users."

Highlights of the new features available to users include:

  • sophisticated time-function data control, including time-weighted averages of irregularly-spaced data
  • creating continuous datasets of 5-minute, hourly, daily, or any user-defined interval
  • moving data forward or backward in time and compare it with previously collected datasets
  • and advanced rainfall conversion functions for any data type (cumulative, event-based, time-interval) with the same time-function control.

FACE also delivers the hallmark FlowWorks advantages: accurate reporting of operational status in real time, event analysis and response data, and seamless communication with all users via an intuitive suite of graphical reporting tools.

FlowWorks data management service is a secure, internet-based platform for gathering, analyzing and managing water, sewer, rainfall and other remote data. It is hardware-neutral, accepting data from any flow meter or manufacturer's data system, as well as SCADA, historic and manual data. The FlowWorks suite contains a powerful graphing engine, storage for all forms of meta data, event alarms and analysis capabilities including I&I, CSOs and rainfall IDF.

For more information, please visit www.flowworks.com.

FlowWorks Inc. is the leader in secure, web-based delivery of remote data to utilities, municipalities and industrial clients. The FlowWorks platform has been up and serving client data continuously since 2005, and has achieved an uptime score well in excess of 99% during that time. FlowWorks is also the developer and distributor of the new FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine (FACE), a game-changing tool for water utilities, municipalities and industrial clients. FlowWorks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and operates data servers in the United States, Canada, and soon in the United Kingdom.

SOURCE FlowWorks, Inc.