July 19, 2011

China Holds 485 Million Internet Users

According to an industry group report Tuesday, China's online population maintained its status as the largest in the world as it jumped to 485 million.

According to the government-sanctioned China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China's Internet population jumped by 15.5 percent over a year earlier.

China's communist government promotes Internet use for business and education, but tries to block content it considers subversive or pornographic.

CNNIC said the number of people who use smartphones to surf the Internet jumped to 318 million, which is up 14.8 percent from last year.

The overall growth rate was slower than 2010, which is when the Internet population grew by 19 percent.

Despite holding the largest number of Internet users, China still has 815 million people who do not use the Internet, according to the CNNIC. 

Internet World Stats says that China's total Internet penetration is at 36.2 percent, which is behind the United State's 77.3 percent.

China's Internet population growth has been driven by rapid economic growth that the World Bank said could reach 9.3 percent this year.


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