New Web-based Asset Tracking Software Gets Edge over Desktop Systems Thanks to Growth of Mobile Barcode Scanning

July 20, 2011

Aestiva Assets Software Exploits Free and Inexpensive Smartphone Apps for Field Tracking of Physical Assets and Inventory

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) July 19, 2011

The new widespread availability of inexpensive and free barcode scanner software apps for PDAs and web-connected smartphones make web-based asset tracking software a better choice for enterprises than desktop-based software systems, according to Aestiva Software, a leading manufacturer of low-IT-overhead asset tracking system, Aestiva Asset, for medium-to-large enterprises.

The CTIA-The Wireless Association® has reported that over 89% of US wireless handsets are capable of browsing the web. With web-based software like Aestiva Assets and a typical smartphone, mobile employees can scan assets and inventory in the field using a wireless handset. They gain all the benefits of mobile asset tracking and barcode scanning, without having to purchase $2,000 single-purpose barcode scanners or lug around laptops required in the past.

“Now with web-based software such as Aestiva Assets, you can scan stock items, conduct physical audits, check stock and inventory, update your asset register, and track your assets in the field — all using a wireless handheld, whether an iTouch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or similar device,” says David Silverberg, President of Aestiva Software.

Users can access remotely access the Aestiva software and their company’s asset tracking data via the Internet or corporate intranet from any browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and others) running on any web-enabled mobile device or end-user computer operating system (Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux).

Unlike single-user software packages that run on a local desktop, Aestiva Asset requires no desktop installation, saving significant corporate IT overhead expenses.

Aestiva Assets is installed on standard servers, is highly customizable, and includes a maintenance-free database engine. For more information on Aestiva Inventory, visit http://www.aestiva.com/assets.

Aestiva Asset is part of a family of products spanning expense management, purchasing and procurement, time tracking, human resources, IT and operations support.

About Aestiva Software:

Founded in 1996, Aestiva serves over a thousand customers worldwide. Aestiva solutions significantly streamline and improve business processes. The company specializes in 100% browser-native technology that can be installed with limited or no IT overhead. Live web demonstrations are available by calling 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482) or 1-310-697-0338.


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