July 20, 2011

Summer Time Presents Greater Risk of Wet Cell Phones

GILBERT, Ariz., July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The heat of summer is here and that means, like every year, millions are flocking to the beaches, lakes, rivers, and pools to find a way to cool off. With our increasing dependence on gadgets, their presence at the beach and poolside is more and more of an occurrence. The majority of people carry a cell phone on them everywhere, and being near the water is no exception. Water and electronics do not mix yet they somehow always end up together in a potentially deadly situation for your personal electronics. What are you to do when your beloved gadgets become soaked?

Now there is a solution for drying wet gadgets. This product is an absolute must for your beach bag, backpack, or boat; it is called the Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit. This kit is made by DRY-ALL to dry cell phones that have gone for a swim. The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit is small enough to bring with you at only 6" X 9". DRY-ALL's products work by using their proprietary blue bead technology to absorb 100% of the moisture out of the inside of your phone. By drying wet phones quickly, the Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit allows the phone to continue working as normal without losing your contacts, applications, pictures, or music.

Originally invented during WWII to protect military equipment from moisture while shipping overseas, it is now used to save your cell phone if it happens to get wet. The product has been independently tested and proven to work. Company President Sean Gutierrez works hard to ensure that they only produce quality products. "We believe people need to stay connected and mobile phones are essential. Our customers can save time, money, their contacts, applications, pictures, music and the headache of dealing with insurance companies all at home with our DRY-ALL products."

The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit is now available for purchase at Radio Shack stores nationwide. You can also find their product online at Amazon.com, Buy.com, Walmart.com, Best Buy.com and several other retailers. Go to www.dry-all.com for more locations.

HPL, LLC headquartered in Gilbert AZ, manufactures high quality absorbents. Their product has been used by the US military, NASA, and is now used for drying wet cell phones, wet smart phones, and wet electronic tablets.