July 21, 2011

Jointwave Provides Low-Power, Low-Latency H.264 Codec for Consumer ASIC

FREMONT, Calif., July 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jointwave LLC, a leading industry supplier of the H.264 IP core for FPGA and ASIC, has announced that it has signed two licensing agreements to provide its video codec IP cores for consumer application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

The company's H.264 codec IP cores, which have been widely deployed in high-end professional applications such as the medical and aerospace industries, have recently found new opportunities and success in the consumer electronics market.

"Our H.264 codec has a wide range of applications and uses in the world of consumer electronics, and so we are excited to expand into this new market," said Paul Qiu, CEO of Jointwave. "We are placing our focus on a market where power consumption and latency are important factors, which is a perfect fit for Jointwave because of our experience as a leader in IP core applications."

With the expansion, Jointwave is helping to solve a major concern in the consumer electronics industry because of the fact that an increasing number of electronic devices run on battery power. Battery life is one of the biggest concerns in product design for these devices, while at the same time interactive video applications, such as gaming devices, are very sensitive to latency.

Jointwave's H.264 codec IP cores for 1080p 60fps address these issues by consuming less than 60 milliwatts in mainstream semiconductor process, with an end-to-end latency of less than six milliseconds.

About Jointwave

Jointwave LLC focuses on video technologies and codec IP designs for both FPGA and ASIC. The company's high-performance H.264 codec provides broadcast-level video quality while consuming extremely low power and hardware resources, which expands video applications to areas previously considered impossible or cost-prohibitive. Jointwave provides comprehensive consultations and technical services to help customers evaluate and implement a complete H.264 solution. For more information, please visit www.jointwave-tech.com.

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