July 25, 2011

InsidersLab.com Announces Unique Content Syndication Program

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In an effort to duplicate its success in a number of Asian markets, InsidersLab.com announced today that it will make its propriety insider trading content available for distribution to a select few financial news sites and portals across the U.S. and Canada.

InsidersLab.com monitors legal insider trades filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It then analyzes this activity and reports the significance of insider trades to readers and subscribers on a bi-hourly basis. This Internet watchdog is now announcing that it will be making a good deal of its unique content available at no-cost to suitable content syndication partners.

"Our U.S. presence is now nearly two years old and we feel the time is right to duplicate the business model that has been so successful for us in Asia," reports Eric Haaranen, Director of Marketing at InsidersLab.com. "We're the exclusive provider of insider trading data for Yahoo Finance and Quamnet.com in Hong Kong. By leveraging our data, each of our partners is able to generate over 3,000 pages of unique content in Chinese and another 10,000 in English. These pages represent a great deal of additional traffic and advertising space for monetization purposes."

The concept of syndicating content is not a new one but with so few companies committed to tracking and analyzing insider trading data, InsidersLab.com seems to be well positioned to work with the larger and well-respected brands within North America.

When asked whether the company would be charging for content usage, Haaranen replied, "We're more concerned with allowing our partners to see first-hand what our content can do from the perspective of increasing their traffic and revenues. Once the value of the content has been established we may want to charge for it or share in additional revenue our pages generate. However, if we're working with the right partners the increase in traffic and credibility we'll receive will often justify the free sharing of our data."

For more information about legal insider trading and what it means to the average retail investors, please visit http://www.InsidersLab.com. Editors, managers and business development representatives of high-traffic websites targeting the financial sectors are encouraged to contact Eric Haaranen at InsidersLab.com (778-297-6120) to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

SOURCE InsidersLab.com