July 25, 2011

World Micro Investment Brings Solderability Test System in-House

ATLANTA, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- World Micro, Inc., a global supplier of electronic components, announced today that it has completed the installation of its newly acquired MUST III wetting balance solderability test system. Built by U.K. based GEN3 Systems, Ltd., the balance tester was purchased from and installed by Ascentech LLC, the developer's North American distributor. The tester is a purpose designed system that enables fast and accurate solderability testing of surface mounted components, through-hole components, solder pads, and PCB plated-through holes. Unlike subjective "dip and look" systems in use by many test houses today, this system uses advanced technologies to test components against the wetting balance process, which results in concise objective evidence and increased security that parts will solder according to the customer's requirements. Rather than outsourcing, the system now allows World Micro to perform parts testing in-house and thereby reduce test turn-around time from 4 days to about 20 minutes. With the added capacity to provide detailed electronic copies of test reports, customers will realize all around faster and better service and cost savings. The system can test both leaded and lead-free parts. Several World Micro quality engineers were trained by Ascentech to ensure that the system's extremely high measurement accuracy is fully achieved with every component test.

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Ascentech's chief technical officer, Greg Alexander, commented, "We are pleased to be able to assist World Micro enhance its ability to provide well certified products to its customers. The installed MUST III tester will provide a very effective solderability test and insure the performance for soldering for parts World Micro can supply its customers."

"It's exciting to have this critical test system installed. Many customers today demand solder testing and when they speak, we listen. Our new in-house testing capability not only greatly enhances our overall quality program, but also assures soldering performance for electronic components we supply to our customers," said Gary Beckstedt, quality director at World Micro. "I'm especially pleased that Ascentech also provided hands-on training that brought the level of expertise of our inspectors to an entirely new standard. With this new technology World Micro can now offer fully objective evidence and increased security that parts will solder according to customer's requirements," added Beckstedt.

    The MUST System III performs solderability tests in accordance
     with the following standards:

            JEDEC JEDS22-B102D
            IEC-60068-2-20 Revising 2007 (Dip & Look - Solder Bath)
            IEC-60068-2-54 Revising 2006 (Force Measurement- Leaded
            IEC 60068-2-58 Revising 2007 (Dip & Look - Wetting Balance)
            IEC 60068-2-69 (Force Measurement - Surface Mount Devices)
            IPC/EIA/JEDEC J-STD-002C - Components
            IPC/EIA J-STD-003B - Boards
            MIL-STD-883 Method 2022

About World Micro Components, Inc.

World Micro is a global Electronics and Aerospace Distributor focused on quality systems and leads the industry in detection of counterfeit components. Since, 1996, World Micro has helped purchasing and engineering departments at leading OEM, EMS, Defense, and ODM companies research, design, source, stock, procure, inventory, and manage board level, embedded computing products and military/aerospace hardware. World Micro, Inc., is privately held and headquartered in Roswell, Georgia and operates an Asian distribution hub in Penang, Malaysia. The company's website is www.worldmicro.com.

About Ascentech, LLC

Ascentech, LLC, the North American Distributor for GEN3 Systems, also supplies the industry with other product reliability test equipment including the MUST III -Solderability test systems (wetting balance), Auto-SIR -Surface Insulation Resistance test, CM-Series - Cleanliness test (ionic contamination), and the SPA-1000-Solder Paste Analyzer. To learn more about the company visit www.ascentechllc.com. For sales and technical information, contact Randy Allinson, Ascentech, 127 Goose Hill Rd., Chester, CT, 06412: Tel 860-526-8903, e-mail [email protected]

Contact: Uwe Trode, Director, Communications
Ph: 770-698-1900, ext. 109
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