July 26, 2011

Amazon Temporarily Halted Sales Of Nintendo 3DS

Amazon has temporarily suspended sales of the Nintendo 3DS, with the glasses-free 3D handheld video game console currently listed as "under review" amid customer complaints.

Although the precise reason for the review has not been disclosed, Amazon said it would not resume selling the device itself until the issue has been resolved.  According to some reports, the problem is related to scratches on the top of the display from the clamshell design.

Sales of Nintendo 3DS through Amazon's third party marketplace sellers will continue, the online retailer said.

Amazon posted a note early Monday on the black Nintendo 3DS page, saying the suspension was taken "because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here."

CNN quoted an Amazon spokeswoman as saying the company received customer feedback that "there may be an inventory issue" with the Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS.

However, "the integrity of the product is not under review," she said.

The suspension apparently began mid-morning on Monday, although the spokeswoman said the product had been reinstated shortly before 4 p.m. ET.

Nintendo of America issued the following statement Monday evening after the reinstatement:

"An internal Amazon.com shipping issue triggered a brief hold on orders of Nintendo 3DS systems while the situation was reviewed, as is common in such matters. Amazon.com resolved the issue, and Nintendo 3DS orders have resumed. There are no issues with Nintendo 3DS inventory or quality. For additional information about this incident, please contact Amazon.com."

The Aqua Blue version of the gaming device was never affected by the suspension, further suggesting there may not have been a problem with the version that Amazon was monitoring.

Out of about 360 reviews posted on the page, 28 rated the 3DS with one star, with complaints ranging from technical issues to a dearth of games to headaches after playing.


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